Must Love Dogs (& what that has to do with my faith!)

Our dogs can truly change our lives, but as today’s guest blogger, Michelle Nebel of Words to Spare, points out, loving our dogs has a LOT to do with our faith. What a great reminder for those of who simply MUST LOVE DOGS!  ❤️

Also, don’t forget to check out the complete interview with Michelle that we did over on the Scattered Woman Facebook page! We go into SO much more than one post can cover. It’s WELL worth a watch! 

Without further ado, here’s Michelle!

This morning, I was thinking about my Bible and my dog. Hold on, don’t put me on trial for heresy yet. Hear me out. 😜

Must Love Dogs

Imagine if you said you loved dogs, so you decided to devote your life to studying them. You could set out to read every book ever written about dogs. You could study their DNA under microscopes and analyze all sorts of minute details about canine lifespans. You could take courses on doggie nutrition and seminars on puppy behavior.

At the end of your studies, you would know an awful lot, but you wouldn’t have any real evidence that you loved dogs.

On the other hand, imagine if you said you loved dogs… and then you went out and fell head over heels in love with one.

That’s what happened to me with this dog. Read More


Let Go of Your Safety Net & Step Out in Faith for Your WAHM Business

Every work-at-home mom struggles in her business at some point. This week’s guest blogger, Shannon Lambert of, walks us through some of HER biggest WAHM struggles – and her realization that sometimes you have to let go of your safety net in order to truly fly!

Go Big or Go Home.

Those words always make me see crowded gyms and cheering fans. Rock and roll music blasts through for 30 seconds while the team takes a time-out to figure out a new plan.

How many times do you want to take a time-out, to figure out a new plan in your business?

Is it when things get intense? When the score is completely one-sided and you feel like calling it quits?

The coach calls the team in for one last pow-wow; one last chance to pull the team together to win this thing. He gives the speech of his lifetime, fully intending to motivate his team into feeling it.

If they can feel it, if they can see the win, then they can pull it off.

Go Big Or Go Home.

Give it your all or get off of the court.

It took me three years to learn this lesson in my own WAHM business. Read More


How Being Double-Minded Will Destroy Your WAHM Business

Are you struggling to get your WAHM Business off the ground? Getting easily distracted? Waffling on those key business decisions? Chances are you’re being double-minded! Not sure what that means? Keep reading to learn how being double-minded will destroy your WAHM Business — and what God says to do about the problem!

One Sunday morning, just a few weeks ago, I was sitting in our church’s worship service, trying to keep Mini-Me paying attention and engaged in what was going on, when suddenly a verse I had been studying all week jumped out at me as if the sound guy had suddenly cranked the pastor’s mic up to full volume:

“He is a double-minded man, UNSTABLE in all he does.”

~ James 1:8 ~


In ALL he (or she) does.

Not just in her faith life.

Not just in her marriage.

Not just in her relationships with her kids.


And if we’re trying to build a business of any variety, but particularly online, we are typically striving for STABILITY. Being unstable in our WAHM businesses is a recipe for failure – one most of us definitely cannot afford! Read More


Do You Struggle with Change?

Do you struggle with change? So often we tend to forget to ask for help with life transitions — even when God is right there waiting to help!

A few months back, we were staying in a modern, updated hotel for a family reunion. Much fancier than we’re used to. It was in the upper 90s outside, but the room felt perfect. BLISS after sweltering outside as we unloaded the car.

I didn’t even THINK to look at the thermostat. Read More


Three Truths to Remember When You Fail as a Mom

Have you ever BLOWN it with your kids? We all have. #MomFail is a thing for a reason! But, as Stacey Pardoe of shows us in this week’s guest post, there are three powerful truths to remember when you completely fail as a mom. All is NOT lost. Let’s dive in!

It’s quarter ‘til nine on a Wednesday night when I unfurl on the girl I love more than any other girl in the world. After picking up the same fifteen toys a dozen times throughout the day, after the dinner dishes are washed, the little bodies are clad in pajamas, and the little brother is asleep in his bed, I want nothing more than five quiet minutes on the couch before taking my girl to her room.

I stare at the TV and let my mind slip into a different world – some happy family’s world as they live their sitcom-lives. Suddenly, I’m interrupted by the realization that one final toy hasn’t been put away. It rests on the floor in the middle of the room. Did I not just clean this whole room five minutes ago?

“Sweetie, please put away your drawing board,” I politely advise my daughter, who sits across the room on the recliner.

She promptly rises from the recliner, walks to the drawing board, and instead of slipping it into its home between the couch and the end table, she tosses it onto my lap. Read More


5 Tips for Fighting Discouragement

It’s so easy to become discouraged as moms. Whether we’re facing trouble in our home lives, workplace drama, or everyday annoyances, there IS hope! No matter where your frustrations are coming from, here are 5 tips for fighting discouragement from the beautiful Trista Laborn of A Driven Wife. We’re praying these tips are encouraging for you today — right where you are!

When it comes to being a mom, wife, entrepreneur and everything in between, and in all my years of navigating those roles, discouragement has always raised its head to stop me in my tracks. But, along the way, I’ve learned to recognize the signs of such an attack and keep going.

Let me share with you five tips for fighting discouragement in every area of your life: Read More


Learning to Be Faithful in Little

Do you ever wish you had more money? It’s time we start learning to be faithful in little, so we can eventually be trusted with more. Here’s how!

Have you ever thought about WHY you’re struggling financially?

Honestly, my basic train of thought has always been, “We either make too little or spend too much. Let’s just fix it!”

But, it’s never been that easy. And over the past several months, I’ve been convicted that there’s a spiritual component to our finances, as well, that I previously had not considered. Read More


Trusting God in the Midst of Health Issues

Health crises can challenge even the strongest faith, so if you’re wrestling with God over your own health struggles, please know you are not alone! I talk about my own battle with cancer a lot here at Scattered Woman, and today we have a special guest blogger, Hannah Pritchard of Discovering Grace, who is sharing her own story about trusting God in the midst of health issues.

I set down my phone on the tattered coffee table and tried to breathe deeply. The words kept echoing in my head. I tried to get them out; I tried desperately to stay calm and pretend that what I had just heard wasn’t real. I felt so unprepared for this and so unequipped to handle the journey that was ahead of me.

“You may never have children,” the doctor said matter-of-factly. “We need to get you on medication as soon as possible or this may develop into diabetes.”

All I heard was: “Your body isn’t normal, your life will never be normal, and you’re not normal.” Read More


How to Find Time for Bible Reading with the Feast of Firstfruits

When we understand the Feast of the Firstfruits, we can finally find time for Bible reading — even as a busy mom — with zero guilt. Please welcome our guest blogger for today, Rachel Schmoyer from Read the Hard Parts, as she shares with us this life-changing truth from Leviticus 23.

There are a lot of opportunities to feel like a failure as a mom of littles. For me, one of the areas I struggled was with the idea that a truly godly woman wakes up before her kids to read her Bible and pray before the day begins. Try as I might, I just couldn’t do it. After my first child was born, all my time was hijacked. From the time I opened my eyes in the morning to the time I closed them at night (and every two hours in between), my time was not my own. In the next four years, babies number 2, 3, and 4 came along. With each baby, the ideal of an early morning quiet time became all the more unattainable.

It’s not that I didn’t read my Bible at all. I read when I could here and there. I kept a devotional in the bathroom and listened to preachers on the radio, but it just wasn’t the same as digging into the Bible myself. I was sure that the truly godly moms had no trouble getting up at the crack of dawn to sip coffee and read scripture. Read More


A Lesson in Faith: Planning a Wedding with No Groom in Sight

I hadn’t dated in 11 years. WHY would God ask me to plan a wedding with no groom in sight?! Turns out, it all came down to a lesson in faith.

About two years before my now husband entered my world, I was a single woman, living on my own, working as a Resident Director at a small, private, engineering school, and desperately trying to NOT be super frustrated with my single status. Singleness is supposed to be a “gift,” right?

Well, maybe for Paul it was, but it sure didn’t seem like much of a gift for me.

Surrounded by college students, who even in their complete nerdiness seemed to miraculously find their soul mates, I felt completely and utterly alone.

Aside from my co-workers (most of whom were married or married with kids), I didn’t even have non-student friends. I was just LONELY.

And it seemed like God was sleeping or just didn’t care.

The Command

As I was getting ready for bed one night, I was struck with the overwhelming thought that I needed to plan a wedding. But this wedding wasn’t for one of my students – even though there are several each year! – this time it was MY wedding I needed to plan.

Why, God? There is no man in sight for me to marry. Why should I spend all this time and energy planning a wedding? Read More


When It Seems Like God Is Sleeping

There are times it seems like God is sleeping. Below decks, unaware, or uncaring about the storms around us. It’s in those times we HAVE to choose to trust His Good Heart toward us.

 A number of years ago, I was driving home late one night from a Bible Study, after what had been an incredibly emotionally difficult day and evening. As one of the few single participants in this graduate student study, seeing all the happy couples who had met and fallen in love in this group didn’t help any.

I just wanted to have a partner, someone to walk through life with, someone to love me and tell me I was worth fighting for. As of yet, someone like that didn’t seem to exist. And I was so lonely.

I felt like I was in the disciples’ boat when the storm came up all of a sudden, pouring water into the boat, and threatening to capsize it, and Jesus is asleep, blissfully unaware of the problem (Luke 8:22-25). I was so tossed around and pummeled emotionally, I didn’t know how I was going to make it through another day, much less another year or more, or however long it took for Mr. Right to materialize out of thin air.

Sure God could fix everything. He’s God! But, He seemed to be asleep at the wheel again. Mysteriously, conspicuously absent. Didn’t He care? Why wasn’t He DOING something?! Read More


Can’t Leave Home without Bedlam Ensuing?

Have you ever felt like you just can’t leave home for any length of time without bedlam ensuing? Nothing irritates me more than people ignoring the rules just because I’m not there to enforce them for a while. Maybe that’s why Nehemiah 13 bothers me so much – it sounds like my life! Read More


How I Want to Be Remembered

Have you ever thought about what someone would say in your eulogy? Would they remember your killer meatloaf recipe? Your business savvy? Your awesome sense of humor? Would they talk about your faith? How your life inspired them? Read More


What’s in a Name? – Part 3


Perhaps this entry would more accurately be titled “What’s NOT in a Name”. Peter figured out the answer to that question pretty quickly! Check out the account of Simon receiving his new name from Jesus, Peter, and what happens immediately after that event: Read More


What’s in a Name? – Part 2

In What’s in a Name? – Pt. 1, I talked about the importance of the names we use with each other. In this segment, I’m shifting to focus on the names God gives us.

A while back, I went through a study on Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers – the story of the prophet Hosea set in the 1850s California Gold Rush. It is quite possibly the most powerful book I have ever read. It also deals a lot with the power of names. Angel, the lead character of the story, goes by many names throughout the book, but she keeps her real name carefully guarded. She shares it with no one, not even her husband.

The incredible part is that in her real name is all the promise of who she really is, who she wants to be, and who she is so afraid she never will be. (I won’t spoil the book for you by telling you her names and how it all turns out – I want you to read it for yourself!)

Read More


What’s in a Name? – Part 1

Over the past several years, I have come to realize just how important names are. Such a seemingly small thing to call someone by their given name, but it makes such a huge difference in how that someone responds to me. Each year when I was a Resident Director I used get feedback from students on our ResLife Survey that say things like “My RD is awesome. She actually knows my name.” Wow… Is it that uncommon for someone to know their names? Read More


Excuses, Excuses

[Jesus] said to him, “Do you want to get well?”
“Sir,” the sick man answered, “I don’t have anyone to put me into the pool when the water is stirred up, but while I’m coming, someone goes down ahead of me.”

~ John 5: 6-7 (HCSB)

Man, do I resonate with this guy. Excuses, excuses. Legitimate excuses, but excuses and self-pity nonetheless. All Jesus wanted to know was if he wanted to get well.

Duh! Of course, I want to get well! But I’m all alone here. I have no one to help me!

Read More


Filtering the Experts

“Plans are established by counsel; by wise guidance wage war.”

~ Proverbs 20:18

It’s easy to gather parenting advice and tips online these days. (Honestly, I wonder how in the world I would be surviving right now without Google!) But today’s devotional reminded me how important it is to make sure that all the advice we’re gathering and implementing aligns with God’s Word. We must test every idea against what we know about God and how He designed us to operate in the world with our children.

Read More


Arguing & Always Being Right

“It is not good to eat too much honey, nor is it honorable to search out matters that are too deep.”
~ Proverbs 25:27 (NIV)
I’ll be honest and say this particular devo had me stumped for several days on how to respond. The devo itself focused a lot on not arguing about things that don’t matter, not stirring up trouble, and just leaving well enough alone sometimes. It wasn’t until I looked up other translations for this verse that I finally got a clue. For most translations, the second half of the verse focuses on avoiding self-seeking glory:
  • “… or to seek glory after glory.”(HCSB)
  • “… so for men to seek glory, their own glory, causes suffering and is not glory.” (AMP)
  • “… and so is trying to win too much praise.” (GNB)
  • “… nor is it glorious to seek one’s own glory.” (ESV)
Combine the original commentary about not arguing with this other concept of not seeking out one’s own glory, and my own version of the verse came to light:
It is not good to eat too much honey, nor is it honorable to arguably “persuade” someone into my own way of thinking or insist my way is the only way all the time.

Read More


A Refreshing Drink for My Spirit

“Like a snow-cooled drink at harvest time is a trustworthy messenger to the one who sends him; he refreshes the spirit of his master.”

~ Proverbs 25:13

As an introvert, I never anticipated needing people to help me feel refreshed. But after transitioning from a busy Resident Director, constantly surrounded by students and other staff, to being a stay-at-home-mom to one bouncy toddler, I found myself growing lonely. No more were there random students popping in just to say ‘hi’ throughout the day. Handfuls of college women (and sometimes a few college men) were no longer piling into our living room to watch “Once Upon a Time” and just enjoy being together for an hour. My lunch dates no longer have boy troubles or girl drama for me to help them process. My world suddenly got very, very small. Read More