Do you struggle with change? So often we tend to forget to ask for help with life transitions — even when God is right there waiting to help!

A few months back, we were staying in a modern, updated hotel for a family reunion. Much fancier than we’re used to. It was in the upper 90s outside, but the room felt perfect. BLISS after sweltering outside as we unloaded the car.

I didn’t even THINK to look at the thermostat.

Typically, a hotel room is stifling from being vacant or frigid from being left on, but ours truly felt perfect. I just counted our blessings, put our over-tired Mini-Me in the cot the front desk clerk graciously brought up for us, & crawled into bed.

At 2:02am, I woke up, needing to go to the bathroom, when I realized the room was HOT.

I found my flashlight & tiptoed over to the window unit, trying desperately not to wake everybody up. I found the power button, but no amount of pushing or holding it made the unit turn on.

Do you struggle with change? So often we tend to forget to ask for help with life transitions -- even when God is right there waiting to help!

Getting Help

Groaning as loudly as I dared, I grabbed the blessedly cordless room phone – that I thankfully had learned how to turn on when I called for the cot – and took it into the very dark bathroom. The overnight front desk clerk answered quickly.

“Hi, this is Travis. How may I help you?”

“Hi, Travis. Is there a trick to turning on the a/c? I’m pushing the power button, but nothing is happening.”

He tried talking me thru the basic procedure for working the a/c, but without being able to actually turn it on, we were stumped.

“I’m not an expert, but would you like me to come up and take a look?”

I could just imagine my husband and daughter waking up to find a strange man in our room, fiddling with the window unit. Not a good idea. “No, everyone is asleep. I just woke up and realized how hot it was. I’ll keep trying, and if we get desperate, I’ll give you a call back.”

The Helper in the Room

After several more failed attempts and long and short presses of the refusing-to-cooperate button, I gave up and awakened my peacefully sleeping husband to break the bad news that the a/c was broken.

He groggily pointed to the thermostat on the wall and grunted.

“I know that’s the thermostat, but I can’t turn on the WINDOW UNIT!”

Suddenly struck by the word “thermostat” coming out of my own mouth, I realized I’d never been in a hotel with a window unit AND a wall-mounted thermostat, so I got up to investigate.

Aiming my flashlight at the newfangled contraption, my eyes immediately landed on a power/on/off button – much like the front desk clerk had been trying to describe.

Please let it be this easy…

One press and the window unit roared to life. A few more presses and the thermostat was set to a comfortable 73 degrees and the fan was running high and constant, immediately cooling the sweltering room.

The old has gone. The new has come. How are YOU going to handle the change? Click To Tweet

Change is Hard!

As my husband rolled over with a grunt of sleepily smug satisfaction, I climbed back in bed pondering how hotel rooms have changed since I’d been a frequent traveler in my pre-marriage and baby days.

The phrase “the old has gone; the new has come” reverberated in my mind.

As someone who struggles with change, adjusting to a new way of doing things – whether with a fancy, new hotel room thermostat or a larger life change like a move or a health challenge – is often difficult. I feel off-kilter, inconvenienced, and worse, inadequate to meet the new demands placed on me.

Change is hard!

And yet, God promises that change IS coming, whether we’re ready for it or not. We can expect a temporal change in our lives and hearts as he transforms us to His image here on the Earth, and we eagerly anticipate the ultimate change that will come with a new heaven and a new Earth when He finally returns to claim this world as His own.

Do you struggle with change? So often we tend to forget to ask for help with life transitions -- even when God is right there waiting to help!

The Bigger Question

If I struggle with the simple adjustment to a new digital thermostat at a fancy hotel, how will I handle the ULTIMATE change to come??

It’s a question that had me awake over an hour after my embarrassing a/c failure, writing and processing exactly what God was teaching me through this experience.

In the life I live here & now, I often struggle even with POSITIVE changes. Our move into our first house has proven that point over and over in the last few months. There have been more adjustments to this new space that we are completely responsible for than I ever could have anticipated.

Change is hard – even GOOD change!

Change is hard -- even GOOD change! Click To Tweet

Preparing for Change

For those of us that struggle with change, it may be worth our time and energy to start preparing our minds and hearts for what’s to come. Like warning Mini-Me of the upcoming transition from playing at the park to heading home, I need to be preparing my own heart for the glory that is coming, so I’m not surprised by it and thrown into my typical, change-despising routine.

I would love to think I’d handle such a marvelous change as a new Heaven and a new Earth with grace, awe, & gratitude, but (not being perfectly clear on the timing of future events) if I’m not already perfected and changed into my new, whole self when that change happens, I know what my flesh is like!

Even the “new life” we’re promised here on Earth can be daunting when we aren’t prepared for it. We don’t know what to expect, and we can’t foresee the changes God will make in our hearts, minds, and even our relationships as He works out His salvation in us.

We Never Have to Face Change Alone

Thankfully, he doesn’t leave us to face the changes alone. He left the Holy Spirit here as our comforter and guide through the process.

If you’re like me and it’s been a while since you gave your heart to God, you may have forgotten how vital it is to rely on the Holy Spirit in the midst of terrifying life change.

To go back to my hotel thermostat adventure, I called the front desk to ask for help from an expert and did everything I knew to do. But in my sleep-induced stupor, I couldn’t figure it out on my own. It wasn’t until I woke up my husband that I got a clear, albeit groggy, point in the right direction.

How easy is it to consult worldly experts, poll our Facebook friends, or even read our Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (B.I.B.L.E.), but still walk away confused and frustrated?

How often to do you consult friends, experts, or even the Bible, and still walk away confused and frustrated? Click To Tweet

Our Failure to Ask for Direction

I think it’s because we often fail to ask for wisdom from the One who is right there in the room with us, the Holy Spirit. I don’t often take advantage of His comfort or guidance, even though He is always right there to offer His assistance if I will just ask.

Jesus told us to ask, seek, and knock, and the door would be opened to us. (Matthew 7:7)

Even the Ethiopian eunuch wisely asked Philip, “How can I understand unless someone explains it to me?” (Acts 8:31)

The short answer? We can’t. Without divine inspiration and revelation, understanding the depths of God’s truth is impossible. He wants to enlighten us, but we don’t often think to ask Him to do so.

More often, we’re likely to poll the crowd or phone a friend. But as a recent, local church marquee appropriately admonished, we need to “take it to God before [we] take it to Facebook.”

If we don’t ask for wisdom and guidance in the midst of life’s challenges, we’re just wandering around, lost, trying to figure it out on our own. But, friends, it should not be so!

We have access to ultimate wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. God promises to guide us through change. All we have to do is ASK Him to show up for us.

Let’s not forget this all-important step when life change threatens to derail us — or leave us in a sweltering hot hotel room. 😜

Do YOU Struggle with Change?

Do you easily ask for wisdom & guidance from The Helper in the room with you? Or do you tend to struggle through life change on your own?

And please let me know in the comments if I’m the only one who struggles with hotel thermostats! 😂

Do you struggle with change? So often we tend to forget to ask for help with life transitions -- even when God is right there waiting to help!


As a former University Resident Director, Career Counselor, Certified Personality Trainer, and high school Spanish teacher, Laura has quite the “scattered” background — with one underlying theme: education! She writes to teach and inspire women on topics related to faith, family, and lifework. She is also a resume writer, specializing in resumes for moms, career changers, and new graduates.

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  1. Thank you for this. I’m getting faster about asking for help and adjusting to change, but it definitely isn’t easy. Appreciate knowing that I’m not alone on the growth journey!

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