Health crises can challenge even the strongest faith, so if you’re wrestling with God over your own health struggles, please know you are not alone! I talk about my own battle with cancer a lot here at Scattered Woman, and today we have a special guest blogger, Hannah Pritchard of Discovering Grace, who is sharing her own story about trusting God in the midst of health issues.

I set down my phone on the tattered coffee table and tried to breathe deeply. The words kept echoing in my head. I tried to get them out; I tried desperately to stay calm and pretend that what I had just heard wasn’t real. I felt so unprepared for this and so unequipped to handle the journey that was ahead of me.

“You may never have children,” the doctor said matter-of-factly. “We need to get you on medication as soon as possible or this may develop into diabetes.”

All I heard was: “Your body isn’t normal, your life will never be normal, and you’re not normal.”

Join guest blogger, Hannah Pritchard of Discovering Grace, as she shares her story about trusting God in the midst of health issues.

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Moving from Chaos to Trust

The majority of my life I never experienced even a twinge of worry surrounding my health. My body did what it was supposed to do, I made healthy choices, and I rarely got sick. Because health problems were never even on my radar, when problems did start to arise last winter, I spun into a confusing cycle of anxiety, uncertainty, and worry.

During the winter months, I seemed to be eternally sick. I would just seem to begin healing and then I would get sick again. My immune system was not working properly, I started to realize, getting lost in a sea of sore throats, aches, and high fevers. I started gaining weight, I was tired all the time, and my emotions were constantly on high. Then, my periods stopped. They had always been somewhat irregular, but I had never stopped getting them altogether. I didn’t understand what was going on or why my body was acting this way.

I was tired, worn out, and feeling like every ounce of life had been sucked out of me. I wanted answers and comfort, but instead, I was met with endless doctor visits and tons of lab work and testing. Waiting seemed to be the game, but I wasn’t getting any better. During these beginning stages of the journey, I knew God was there, but I wasn’t necessarily welcoming Him into each moment. Instead, I allowed stress to be in the driver’s seat.

Eventually, I got that call.

As the doctor spoke to me over the phone, my body froze and I felt helpless. I had finally reached the end of myself. I couldn’t do this alone. I had two choices in that moment: I could either continue on this dark path I had allowed myself to enter or I could turn around and run towards God.

Tears falling from my eyes, I surrendered everything to Him. Even though I was balled up on my couch unable to move, I felt myself breathlessly running after God. Every fiber of my being wanted to pursue Him. I invited God into every part of me, into every crevice and every piece I had been trying to keep under my control.

Choosing to Say ‘No’

I didn’t understand why these things were happening to me or why I was being forced to swallow such painful news, but I chose to say “no”.

I chose to say no to the lies and no to the fear.

I chose to say no to the seemingly inevitable fate that the doctor had told me.

I chose to say no to myself as I kept trying to take over and be in control of what was not my burden to hold.

I chose to say no to the stress and the worry.

I said no to all of the darkness and welcomed in God’s truth and unshakable peace instead.

Join guest blogger, Hannah Pritchard of Discovering Grace, as she shares her story about trusting God in the midst of health issues.

The Constant in Inconsistency

We are not promised stability and security in every season of life. Our seasons and experiences on earth will change and evolve. Some seasons may be characterized by pain and sickness; others might be brimming over with prosperity and good health. The unshakable truth to cling to, though, is that God is constantly walking beside you. He is right in your midst and He is bigger than any fears and uncertainties thrown your way.

I had to come to the end of myself to realize: Am I only finding joy in God when everything in my life is neat and tidy? If everything was torn out from underneath me and life as I knew it crumbled to the ground, would I still trust God?

If everything was torn out from underneath me and life as I knew it crumbled to the ground, would I still trust God? ~ Hannah Pritchard, Discovering Grace Click To Tweet

Everything on earth is temporary.

Stop and actually let that quench your spirit for a moment: EVERYTHING on earth is TEMPORARY.

I’m not just speaking about material things, but deeper things, too. Relationships on earth are temporary and even our bodies are temporary. Our good health is temporary; eventually, it will pass away.

There is not a day that goes by that we are owed good health. When we are healthy, it is a gift grander than we can imagine. Even still, in the midst of health battles, each day is a gift. God’s grace and forgiveness and mercy and mere presence are forever gifts that we don’t deserve, but we’ll always have in our grasp, even if we lose everything else.

God Can Heal, But He May Not

When I chose to say no to accepting the weight and burden of these health barriers, everything changed. I am constantly having to lay my burdens down at God’s feet; it’s a daily cleanse for me. I’m more interested in what He says about me than what a doctor says about me. I’m more concerned with where He says my joy comes from than where the world tells me it does. I want to become so wrapped up in what’s truly important in God’s sight, that I forget to worry and let these issues plague me and define who I am.

I love knowing that God is in control and not me. My body, my health, and my healing are totally in His care. God absolutely has the ability to completely heal anyone, at any given moment. Believing that is powerful and receiving that is groundbreaking.

What is even more necessary to remember, though, is that He may not.

Hear it again: God can and will heal us, but He may not.

God can and will heal us, but He may not. ~ Hannah Pritchard, Discovering Grace Click To Tweet

In other words, as humans, we often like to imagine things should go one way, but sometimes God has a different plan entirely. There is nothing wrong with praying and hoping tirelessly for healing, but it must be with the understanding that God’s purpose and plan for your story may stretch far beyond what you can see.

Taking it one day at a time, I am able to remember that I am not promised anything other than eternal life with Jesus. When curveballs are thrown my way, whether they be financial or relational or health-related, I can draw from the deep well of joy that God offers that has nothing to do with circumstance.

Join guest blogger, Hannah Pritchard of Discovering Grace, as she shares her story about trusting God in the midst of health issues.

Moving Forward

As the days march on, God has started healing me and I am rejoicing! I have begun the long journey of getting back to the roots of treating my body with kindness, how God intended me to. Within a couple of months, my body is in a place the doctors told me it would never be in!

That is all God.

Even as I celebrate, though, I must be careful not to place my worth and joy in the healing, because at any time that could stop. If I truly trust God, then I trust He knows the timeline of what is best for me. If I lost everything and began to get sick again, my heart could still find joy in God.

I must be careful not to place my worth and joy in the healing, because at any time the healing could stop. ~ Hannah Pritchard, Discovering Grace Click To Tweet

Though the cherry trees don’t blossom

and the strawberries don’t ripen,

Though the apples are worm-eaten

and the wheat fields stunted,

Though the sheep pens are sheepless

and the cattle barns empty,

I’m singing joyful praise to God.

I’m turning cartwheels of joy to my Savior God.

Counting on God’s Rule to prevail,

I take heart and gain strength.

I run like a deer.

I feel like I’m king of the mountain!

~ Habakkuk 3:17-19 (MSG) ~

Are YOU Trusting God in the Midst of Health Issues?

Evaluate your own current life circumstances: Are things rocky or smooth? Is your dependence and trust in God based on what you feel you deserve?

No matter what’s happening in your life right now, fall on your knees in thanksgiving before God. Surrender every ounce of control and burden to Him. Confess with your lips that you trust Him with your whole heart to work out the beginning, the middle, and the end. Ask Him for forgiveness in any area that you have allowed worry, fear, or stress to take over or for any circumstance that has over-shadowed God’s love. Pray for strength in the coming days, that you may find peace and joy even if everything comfortable and secure changes in the blink of an eye.

Hannah is the budding writer behind Discovering Grace. She and her husband, Simon, live in Maine, where you can often find her exploring new coffee shops and enjoying saltwater. She loves writing, story-telling, reading, decorating, and traveling. But, her deepest heart desires to encourage women to thrive abundantly in daily moments and pursue Jesus, even in the midst of chaos and adversity. Join Hannah in the journey to discover God’s grace on Instagram, Pinterest, or drop her a line over on her blog!






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  1. Oh Hannah, I want to reach through and give you a big hug. When I read the part where your doctor told you that you may never have children, it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for being so open and sharing the way that you did. Blessings to you, sweetie.

    • Leigha,

      Thank you so much for reading! I am so glad this post spoke to you. It is always my goal to be transparent in my writing! I appreciate your sweet encouragement more than you know.



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