Are you interested in essential oils, but aren’t sure where to start? Here are two long-time oilers’ top tips for getting started with essential oils – including everything we wish someone had told US!

Your sister uses them. Your best friend uses them. Shoot, even your mom uses them! Essential oils are all the rage right now – and for good reason! With as many different varieties as there are plants on God’s green Earth, essential oils are phenomenal supports for our bodies and awesome additions to our Home Health Arsenals!

If you’re interested in essential oils – or even if you’re already dipping your toes into this oily world – it’s important to know a few key pieces of information as you begin.

To give you some of her best tips for getting started with essential oils, please welcome Rhoda Cerliano of Healing 4 Life – the woman who got me started! ❤️

Are you interested in essential oils, but aren’t sure where to start? Here are two long-time oilers’ top tips for getting started with essential oils – including everything we wish someone had told US!

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Welcome to Scattered Woman, Rhoda! Tell us a bit about yourself!

I have been a stay at home mom/wife for 17 years, and I homeschool all 4 of my children, ages 10-16. I have few passions in life: 1) training children to learn to trust and obey Christ in everything they do, 2) learning and helping others to be as healthy as they can naturally and without toxins, and 3) taking time out and camping in the mountains.

What got you interested in essential oils?

My journey started about 13 1/2 years ago when my second son had allergies so bad his eyes would goop shut in minutes. He always had red eyes and looked as if he had been crying.

Then, my midwife introduced me to LAVENDER. One tiny dab and his eyes would clear up, and he was so much happier!!

That experience started my journey of reading up on essential oils and going to classes.

Fast forward several years, and I was introduced to dōTERRA oils and was blown away. I put them to the test beside what I was using at that point and was literally AMAZED at the difference.

What’s one, big success story you tell everyone about your journey into natural health & wellness?

I actually have two:

Bug Buster

My niece was first BIG SUCCESS shortly after getting my starter kit. When she was around 18 months old, she became sick with a cold and stopped drinking or eating as her throat hurt. My sister had some oils (from another brand) and was applying them throughout the night, but they weren’t seeming to work.

The next morning, I went over with my new kit of oils – the Family Physician Kit (now called the Family Essentials Kit). We added a drop of OnGuard (the Protective Blend) to some juice and started using a syringe to get liquids into her. We applied oils to her feet and spine every hour. In the early afternoon, she broke out in hives, so we gave her a cool bath with a drop of lavender. After the bath, she fell asleep and woke up a few hours later asking for something to eat and drink!

We had been to the point that either the oils started working or we would be visiting the ER. They worked!

Deep Blue to the Rescue

My first major, personal experience with essential oils was using Deep Blue (the soothing blend). I had been in a car accident about a year earlier, and since then had been suffering from a frozen shoulder, losing the ability to carry or pick up my daughter, who weighed about 25 lbs at that point.

Some days, I could barely move my arm. Driving always hurt.

After several months of faithfully applying Deep Blue to my shoulder once a day, I realized I was actually using my arm more. I was lifting things, and I could actually carry my daughter in a Moby and sling once more!!!

I knew from that point on I wanted everyone to experience oils as I had!

I knew from that point forward I wanted EVERYONE to have the experience with essential oils that I had! ~Rose Cerliano. Are YOU ready to get started with essential oils? Click To Tweet

Those experiences are the ones that make us SUPER passionate about making sure others know how to use their Essential Oils well!

Let’s dive into some tips for those just starting their oily journey!

Are you interested in essential oils, but aren’t sure where to start? Here are two long-time oilers’ top tips for getting started with essential oils – including everything we wish someone had told US!

Tip #1: Use QUALITY Essential Oils

It is CRUCIAL to understand the difference in quality and how labeling regulations or lack thereof can be dangerous. I try make people understand the oils I use are not the same as what you find easily on store shelves.

Essential Oils available at health food stores are not made the same with the same standards and will fail strict testing over and over again. It breaks my heart when someone says, “I got this oil so much cheaper,” because I know they are using an imitation that actually can be harming their body.

I don’t want people to make the mistake I did! I tried putting generic, store-bought essential oil in my family’s water glasses (before I knew better!) and ended up making all of us mildly sick to our stomachs. My family thought I was trying to poison them!

The Price for Quality

Because people do not understand the difference in quality, they tend to think our oils are expensive. In reality, because of the potency and purity of these oils, I use way less than people imagine and still get fabulous results.

A little can go a long way!

Tip #2: Understand Aromatherapy vs. Therapeutic Use

When reading information on essential oils, it’s important to understand that things written from an aromatherapy standpoint only are often different than someone teaching therapeutic uses with oils.

Traditionally, aromatherapists come from an understanding that oils are not always 100% pure and clean, therefore they should only be used topically or aromatically.

From a therapeutic standpoint, however, essential oils should always be made to higher standards and be exceptionally clean and free from additives and adulterations. These “therapeutic grade” essential oils, therefore, may be used for internal uses, as well as topically and aromatically.

Learn more about safely using EOs internally in the Herb & Essential Oil Super Bundle!

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Tip #3: Start with a Kit & Build Slowly

There are a TON of different essential oils out there, but don’t be afraid to jump in right where you are. You don’t need every oil to start with, which is why I love our kits. They allow you to get started with a select number of the most popular and versatile EOs and grow from there.

When I first started with EOs, I got the Family Essentials Kit, and then for the next year, I added one to three oils to my stash per month. I made a wish list of what I wanted and why, so all of my purchases were purposeful and practical. I soon learned which oils I used the most, so I can now keep those in stock while periodically experimenting with the new oils that come out.

Tip #4: Don’t Overdo It!

The best rule of thumb when using essential oils is to use low dilutions frequently. When dealing with certain situations, you may need to apply every 1-4 hours.

Read more about this principle in The Bug Buster Protocol!

Looking for natural remedies for cold & flu this season? This Bug Buster Protocol includes everything you need to support your body for a speedy recovery!

It’s not always the same frame of mind as taking a prescription, where you only have to take it once per day. If you are sick and treating yourself naturally, you will apply oils more than once, giving your body time and space to use them more effectively.

The Reverse Effect

Some oils can actually have the reverse effect than what is desired when used in higher concentrations. For example, Lavender is very calming, but if you use a lot of it, it can actually make you hyper!

Our babysitter learned about Lavender’s reverse effect once when I said to use one swipe down the spine for my son, but instead, she did around 5 swipes and ended up with very hyper little boy!

Use a tiny bit of your essential oil or blend, then give it some time to work through your body. If you’re not seeing the desired results in 20-30 minutes, try another small application.

Did you know overdoing it with your essential oils could be causing them to support your body in OPPOSITE ways than you intend? Learn more here: Click To Tweet

Tip #5: Find a Mentor

Having quick access to someone just one or two steps ahead of you in this oily adventure is essential to learning to use oils effectively. Find a mentor – someone who understands the exact oils you’re using and can give you educated guidance as you get started.

I give my cell number to all my team members and let them know they can text me at any time. If they think of a question at midnight, they can message me, and I will answer as soon as I can. If I don’t know the answer, I will do my best to help find it!

This piece is where MLMs really shine: you have built-in resources who are one, two, three, or twenty steps ahead of you in experience!

Tip #6: Buy a Great Reference Book

Along with finding a strong mentor, be sure to get your hands on a GREAT reference book to start educating YOURSELF. Get a book that deals directly with the brand and types of oils you are using. My favorite right now for doTERRA-specific oil information is The Essential Life book, available through

Note from Laura: While you wait for your reference book to arrive, be sure to grab your Home Health Arsenal Guide & the Bug Buster Protocol Checklist! If you order your EO starter kit through Laura, you can also get The Scattered Woman’s Guide to Essential Oils to jumpstart your oil education!

If you’re looking for more non-branded essential oil education, you can get nearly $600 worth of EO resources as part of the Herb & Essential Oil Super Bundle – for almost 93% off retail!

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Tip #7: Always Carry Samples

While you’ll hear network marketers always touting the virtues of carrying samples with you to hand out to all the random people you encounter, there’s also a much more practical reason to invest in sample bottles: they’re perfect for on-the-go, PERSONAL use!

I learned to carry tiny bottles in my purse of the oils I loved most — and not my larger bottles. Those stay at home. It’s much less weight to carry around, and it allows me to keep my stash safe at home, but still get the benefits of my oils wherever I roam.

Tip #8: Get a GOOD Diffuser

One of the easiest and most effective ways to get oils into our systems is with a quality diffuser. (It’s one of the BEST gifts you can give an essential oil lover, btw!)

I love my dōTERRA diffusers, and I also have other brands I love for different reasons. My kids love ones that change colors. I look at features like auto shut off, and how long they run.

The one in the main part of my home runs up to 18 hours and shuts off on its own and changes color. It was a win all around!!

Check out all our top-rated diffusers & other awesome oily gifts in this post!

Not sure what to get that naturally-minded person on your list? Check out this list of the BEST gifts for Essential Oil Lovers!

Tip #9: Use Appropriate Containers

Using essential oils DOES require some specialized equipment – especially the containers we use to make our EO blends, salves, sprays, and other DIYs. Always use glass, stainless steel, or pre-approved/non-leaching plastic (sold specifically for use with essential oils).

Many essential oils have “attack the foreign invader” responses to synthetic materials, so they eat right through regular plastic containers. Not only does it render your plastic container completely useless, it can also cause the plastics to leach dangerous chemicals into your blends and DIY products. NOT what we want when we switch to natural remedies!

Some of the best places to get roller bottles, spray bottles, dropper bottles, and more are,, and even Amazon (as long as you’re careful to read product descriptions & reviews).

Tip #10: Teach Your Kids about EOs

While using EOs with our kids can be incredibly beneficial, it’s important to keep essential oils out of reach of children until they have a better understanding of how to use them properly.

Don’t be afraid to teach even young kids how to use roller bottles and let them exert some independence with your close supervision.

If your kids are school-aged, you could even take an online essential oil class with them, so they start understanding the benefits of EOs and how to use them for themselves! (There are several awesome courses included in the Herb & Essential Oil Super Bundle!)

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Tip #11: Include Your Spouse

Take this opportunity to include your spouse and build up your marriage! Teach your husband the ways you are learning to use the oils – and don’t assume he knows what you are doing with them! Write down notes of how you are applying your oils and blends and share your discoveries with him, so he can learn with you.

Maybe the BEST way to get your husband excited about EOs is to learn the AromaTouch (Massage) Technique together and explore other essential oils that provide incredible benefits in the bedroom! ?

Want one sure-fire way to get your husband excited about essential oils? Hint: it starts in the bedroom! ? Learn more here: Click To Tweet

Tip #12: Start an Essential Oil Journal

Just like we mentioned in Tip #11, start your own oil notebook. Write down the things you’re learning – including any recipes that help your family.

I put different diffuser mixes, roller bottles recipes, and more in my oil journal and refer to it often. When trying something new, I use a separate paper and only add it to my book when I know I love it. That way, I’m keeping the best of the best right at my fingertips!

Tip #13: Explore EOs and Emotions

Essential oils work in both our physical bodies and in our emotions. Often times, if I hate a scent or overly love it, I can look at the emotional side and see the connection. Understanding how certain oils interact with our emotions can help us overcome so many obstacles!

A great resource for learning about the interplay of essential oils & emotions is Emotional Healing with Essential Oils from

Tip #14: Take Care with Photosensitive Essential Oils

Some essential oils – specifically citrus oils – are photosensitive or phototoxic, which means you need to avoid sun exposure for 12-24 hours after topical applications.

Lemon, Wild Orange, Grapefruit, Lime, and more can cause photosensitive reactions, so be sure to wear sunscreen, cover up the affected area, or stay out of the sun after using them.

Also, be sure to know which oils are in your blends. Citrus Bliss and Breathe essential oil blends both contain photosensitive EOs, but a handful of other blends are crafted with non-photosensitive citrus oils.

For more information on photosensitivity with essential oils, along with a complete list of which oils and blends could cause problems in the sun, check out this article from Healing In Our Homes. Her graphics are super helpful!

Tip #15: Watch for Specials!

Most MLMs have monthly deals where certain products are discounted or even free, and taking advantage of those specials means you can build up your oil stash for less!

Every month doTERRA has a featured oil or product for 10% off, as well as a Product of the Month you can get for free if you have a qualifying order.

Four times a year, they also run specials where you can get ADDITIONAL products for free with larger orders. It’s a great time to stock up on those oils you know you use frequently!

We have some amazing deals in May with lots of FREE products you can earn, so it’s a great time to just jump in, if you are on the fence. Laura or I would love to answer questions you may have!

Are you interested in essential oils, but aren’t sure where to start? Here are two long-time oilers’ top tips for getting started with essential oils – including everything we wish someone had told US!

Thank you, Rhoda, for those awesome tips for getting started with essential oils!

Like Rhoda said, if you’re ready to begin your oily adventure, we’re both here to help you get started.

To learn more about using essential oils to support your family’s health naturally, be sure to check out how to make your own Home Health Arsenal, the Bug Buster Protocol, Essential Oils for Daily Immune Support, DIY EO Cleaning Recipes, & even DIY EO Body Products! Lots of free resources to get you started right here on Scattered Woman!

Also, remember to grab your copy of the Herb & Essential Oil Super Bundle before it’s gone on May 31, 2019! For a FRACTION of the retail price, you can get a TON of resources to help you get started with essential oils! 🎉

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