Not sure what to get that naturally-minded person on your list? Check out this list of the BEST gifts for Essential Oil Lovers!

Does someone you know absolutely LOVE essential oils? Maybe you would like to get them a gift this season that supports their passion, but you just don’t know where to start. If so, never fear! Just for you, I have rounded up the BEST gifts for Essential Oil Lovers! This list should give you PLENTY of ideas for every price range and experience level. ?

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Best Holiday Gifts for the Essential Oil Lover in Your Life

1) An AWESOME Diffuser

It is my firm opinion that EVERY home needs an AWESOME diffuser and a Home Health Arsenal. Actually, I would love to have a diffuser in every room of my house, so I don’t have to keep moving them with me throughout the day! (We currently have one in each bedroom and the living room. The kitchen & my office are next! ?)

Does the oiler in your world have a GREAT diffuser? Or are they still fighting with the cheap ones that tend to just stop working every so often? (Been there!!) If you are looking for a fantastic gift for your favorite oil user, here are my TOP recommendations:


The Aroma Ace Diffuser

Someday I will own the Aroma Ace Diffuser! It’s definitely the most high-end diffuser out there as far as performance — many hospitals and doctor’s offices are now using this diffuser because of its simplicity (no water refilling needed!) and its ability to choose how much output you want, as well as how long it runs and how long it rests before turning back on.

Best practice for diffusing is to run them 5-20 minutes, have them off for 5-20 minutes, then restart the cycle. But, it tends to be a hassle for most of us to stop what we’re doing and turn a diffuser on and off throughout the day (and impossible at night!), so most of don’t bother. So, it’s nice when the diffuser can handle all that task switching by itself!

Update: this diffuser is no longer available through many online companies, but I did manage to find one here. It’s still on my list! ❤️

The Lumo Diffuser

This little beauty is my second choice for a dream diffuser. Not only does it have a sleek design with a small footprint, it also includes an intermittent output option! No having to mess with the buttons all day long — I can just set it to the preset 5 minutes on, 5 minutes off function, and let it go! Best aromatic therapy for me, and I don’t even have to think about it! (It will also run continuously for 2 or 5 hours, if I’d rather go that way. ?)

The Lumo Diffuser is included in doTERRA’s Natural Solutions Kit, so if you’re also in the market to get all stocked up on the EOs you need for your Home Health Arsenal — along with several other awesome products! —  you can get everything all in one fell swoop!

The Petal Diffuser

The Petal Diffuser by doTERRA is also extremely popular among oil users. If you’re in the market for JUST the Home Health Arsenal oils and no frills, you can grab the Home Essentials Kit and get the Petal Diffuser included!

This diffuser has built-in timers for 1, 2, or 4 hours of continuous diffusion and an optional LED light. If your gift recipient needs a sturdy, dependable, relatively inexpensive diffuser, definitely check out the Petal Diffuser.

If you are interested in one of these doTERRA diffusers and are not already working with a dT Wellness Advocate, please email me at laura{at}scatteredwoman{dot}com. I’d love to help you get one of these awesome diffusers for your favorite oiler or for yourself!

The NOW Ultrasonic Diffuser

We’ve had this diffuser for 3 years, and it is still going strong! No other “inexpensive” diffuser I’ve tried has lasted nearly so long or performed so well. We use it every night and often travel with it, so it’s withstood a LOT of abuse from us over the years. ?

I definitely recommend the NOW Ultrasonic as a starter diffuser. Be sure to snag this particular model, however — I’ve tried other NOW diffusers that were horrible. THIS one, though, has been fantastic!

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The InnoGear Diffuser 

We just recently got this one for our living room. It runs for a REALLY long time — sometimes ALL DAY, if I fill it up to the maximum fill line — and it comes with a handy little pouring cup, so I don’t have to move the diffuser every time I want to fill it. ?

I can select if I want high or low mist output, as well as how long I want it to run. The multi-colored lights can either rotate through the spectrum, stay solid, or even be turned off while the diffuser runs. The InnoGear Diffuser may soon turn into one of my favorites!

Update: We now have this diffuser in three rooms of our house. It’s AWESOME!! ❤

2) Home Health Arsenal Supplies

Whether you’re buying for a new oiler or an experienced EO user, gifting a good stock of essential oil accessories and supplies is ALWAYS appreciated! I know I can never have enough extra roller bottles, spray bottles, and dropper bottles on hand. It’s also great to include non-smudging labels and color-coordinated bottle top labels with your gift.

If you’re wanting to stock up on a LOT of supplies, check out sites like or where you can buy items in bulk for a substantial discount — as well as essential oil reference books like Modern Essentials and The Essential Life, which are definitely a MUST HAVE, if your favorite essential oil lover doesn’t already have them!

Not sure what this whole Home Health Arsenal thing is? Be sure to check out this post, and then snag your FREE copy of the Home Health Arsenal Guide! It gives you everything you need to get started supporting your health with Essential Oils — minus the oils themselves, but I can help you with that piece, as well! Just email me at laura{at}scatteredwoman{dot}com. ?

3) Essential Oil Storage & Travel Cases

If your EO user is forever on the go, be sure to check out these keychain cases that hold 8 sample vials. They’re great for keeping a small supply of oils on hand! I even used mine the last time we had to fly, so I didn’t have to keep my entire stash in my checked luggage. I just took a small supply of the ones I needed, and they fit perfectly in my carry-on liquids bag. Win!

For at-home storage, these wooden boxes are a beautiful way for your oiler to store her EOs and keep the inevitable EO clutter contained. Plus, because it is made from natural materials, she won’t have to worry about the oils “eating” it as tends to happen with synthetic storage materials (foam, plastic, etc).

Note: These items from doTERRA can be seasonal, so if they are unavailable right now, either check on AromaTools or check back right before the holidays. They tend to do a big restock for Christmas shoppers. ?

AromaTools & OilLife also both have a great selection of storage and travel cases for a whole host of bottle types. There are even some great options on Etsy, if you’d rather support a small business for these items.

essential oil gifts | essential oils for beginners | how to use essential oils | best essential oil diffusers

4) DIY supplies

Most EO users I know are also at least somewhat into DIY projects to help reduce their family’s toxic load. Lots of recipes call for the following ingredients and supplies, so gifting a variety of these items would be SUPER helpful!

  • fractionated coconut oil,
  • unrefined coconut oil,
  • shea butter,
  • cocoa butter,
  • bentonite clay,
  • mica powders,
  • craft sticks,
  • chapstick tubes
  • 4oz jelly jars,
  • 1-2oz tins,
  • double boiler,
  • immersion blender w/whisk attachment

You can buy butters, oils, and clays in bulk at places like — or even on Amazon! I got my jelly jars and immersion blender at Walmart. These items don’t have to be fancy. They just have to get the job done. ?

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5) Herb & Essential Oil Super Bundle

The Herb & Essential Oil Super Bundle is BURSTING with awesome EO education and DIY recipes that every Essential Oil user will LOVE. It includes 10 eCourses, 15 eBooks, and 1 Printable to give your favorite oiler LOTS to enjoy throughout the coming year and beyond!

And the big bonus? You can gift almost $800 worth of resources for just $47!

If you really want to light up your oily people with your next gift, especially if they love learning about their oils just as much as they love using them, give them The Herb & Essential Oil Super Bundle and watch their faces when they start digging through it! Never-ending thank you’s are heading your way!

6) A Complete Essential Oil Starter Kit

This last gift suggestion is great for someone who either is JUST tip-toeing into the essential oil world or for someone who is otherwise naturally-minded, but hasn’t explored EOs yet. A starter kit is a great gift to help them really dive in & explore all these awesome oils can do! There are options to fit every budget, and you’ll have the joy of knowing you are giving a gift that will support the health and overall wellness of someone you love. Does it get any better than that?!

My best kit suggestions for getting started with EOs are the Natural Solutions Kit or the Home Essentials Kit. Both these kits have ALL the EOs needed to build your own Home Health Arsenalso they’re great for anyone just getting started. You’ll not only save them a TON of money as they start their oily journey, but you’ll also save them a ton of TIME in trying to figure out exactly what they need!

If you’d like to snag an Essential Oil Kit for your favorite oily person, just shoot me an email at laura{at}scatteredwoman{dot}com, and I’ll walk you through the process. I can even help you decide which kit would be best based on your budget and the recipient’s needs!

Plus, if you decide to order through me, I’ll send both you and your gift recipient a FREE copy of The Scattered Woman’s Guide to Essential Oils eBook! It’s filled with 40+ pages of getting-started information, safety tips for both kids and adults, as well as every recipe we use in our own Home Health Arsenal, including recipes for cleaning, health, & beauty DIYs — many which can’t be found anywhere else on my site!

What gift sounds most promising for YOUR favorite Essential Oil lover? Let me know in the comments what you would choose!

Also, don’t forget to snag your FREE Home Health Arsenal Guide to get started with Essential Oils yourself! ?

  • Elise Ho says:

    I love eo’s and diffusers. I want another one for the house and then also one for the office.

  • Brittany says:

    I’m just beginning to learn about all of the benefits of essential oils. I’ve definitely got to start small, but I’m sure I could use a diffuser ifie some much needed rest after a long day of working and “momming.”

    • Absolutely! I LOVE my diffusers. My daughter wants her “nighttime” diffuser blend every, single night, and I’m pretty much the same way. Love, love, love them! Be sure to tune in to the Scattered Woman Facebook Page this Wednesday @ 2:30pm Central — we’re doing a LIVE interview about all the tips & tricks we wish we had known when we were first starting out with EOs! ❤️

  • I love these! They all look amazing!! I am an essential oils junkie, learning more and more about them every day. Garunanda also has a Bluetooth essential oils diffuser that is pretty cool. I mention it in my post: if you want to check it out! Great post 🙂