Maybe your immune system is shot. Maybe it’s cold & flu season – and EVERYONE you know is sick as a dog. In addition to a strong Home Health Arsenal, you need ONE more thing: a high-dose vitamin C immune boost!

If you have stocked your Home Health Arsenal, followed the Bug Buster Protocol, and supported your immune system daily with these 5 DIY recipes, and you’re STILL getting sick regularly, it’s time you and I had a little chat.

See, this scenario is exactly where I’ve been the past year or so.

I use my Home Health Arsenal and Bug Buster Protocol at the FIRST sign of a bug. I’m religious about hand washing and doing our best to avoid picking up “the nasties” when we’re out and about.

But it hadn’t been enough.

I had been sick almost constantly since just after Thanksgiving, and after 3 full months of this junk, I was DONE.

While the rest of my family responds & heals quickly with just our regular HHA & BBP tools, my immune system is so doggone SHOT from chemo that it needs something a bit more heavy-duty to kick start it.

Enter the ONE thing you MUST add to your Home Health Arsenal MUST as a cancer patient or survivor — or as a mom trying to keep her family healthy:

Maybe your immune system is shot. Maybe it's cold & flu season - and EVERYONE you know is sick as a dog. In addition to a strong Home Health Arsenal, you need ONE more thing: a high-dose vitamin C immune boost!

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Vitamic C!

And you thought it was going to be something complicated! ?

Yep, that’s right. Just regular, old Vitamin C. It’s so simple and so obvious, I’m KICKING myself that I didn’t think of it MONTHS ago.

Actually, using Vitamin C like I had always used it probably wouldn’t have done me any good. I need HIGH-DOSE or MEGA-DOSE Vitamin C. I used to take one 1000mg Vitamin C capsule a day and that was enough. Not anymore!

If you’re not familiar with high-dose Vitamin C – I sure wasn’t! – it basically means taking anywhere from 5 GRAMS of Vitamin C to upwards of 200g. And yes, you read that correctly, we’re not talking MILLIGRAMS anymore, like Emergen-C or AirBorne or generic Vitamin C tablets. We’re talking GRAMS.

Just to help you with the math: 1000mg = 1g. So, I used to take 1g of Vitamin C per day. Now, when my body is fighting something, I take up to 25g. That’s 25,000mg!

(For reference, the USDA daily recommended amount of Vitamin C is only 90mg for adult men and 75mg for adult women. The USDA is WAY off on how much Vitamin C we ACTUALLY need, in my opinion!)

With the capsules I used to take, I’d be taking 25 pills a day! Obviously, that didn’t sound incredibly efficient – and that’s a lot of little veggie caps to ask my body to break down when it’s already fighting a bug – so I did more research to see exactly HOW to get that much Vitamin C into me each day.

How to High-Dose Vitamin C for an Immune Boost

The best resource I found for HOW to do this whole high-dose Vitamin C thing is an article by Chris Wark of If you want a step-by-step explanation, definitely hop over and check out this post.

While many cancer patients, including Chris, use IV Vitamin C to get large doses directly into their bloodstream – I’m looking into this option for me & will keep you posted if I decide to dive in! – most of us can benefit by using high doses of Vitamin C orally with a high-quality Vitamin C powder. This powder can then be dissolved in water or juice and chugged.

Fair warning: it does NOT taste like concentrated citrus powder!

The kind I got first was a non-acidic calcium ascorbate Vitamin C powder and it was the most bitter, nasty stuff I’d ever tasted in water. A small glass of 100% organic grape juice took care of most of the taste, but it’s still not SUPER pleasant – and it’s more sugar than I’d prefer to have, but I’ll do what I have to do to get it down right now. Just toss it back and have a spoonful of something tasty to chase it down.

(I’ve heard the ascorbic acid variety is incredibly tart, which could still be a trick to get down, but it HAS to be better than the non-acidic variety!)

Maybe your immune system is shot. Maybe it's cold & flu season - and EVERYONE you know is sick as a dog. In addition to a strong Home Health Arsenal, you need ONE more thing: a high-dose vitamin C immune boost!

How Much Vitamin C Should You Take for an Immune Boost?

Deciding how much Vitamin C powder to take really depends on what is going on in your body and how healthy your body is to start with. Obviously, my body is struggling in general, so I need to take more than the rest of my family, even on a good day.

The basic protocol is to take several grams at a time until you reach what’s called “Bowel Tolerance.” Essentially, that just means you take Vitamin C until your bowels say, “Enough! I give!” and your stools become very soft. (Lots of gas and/or diarrhea means you’ve gone past that threshold, so back off on your dosing!)

If you’re a cancer patient or survivor, it’s likely you’ll be in the same camp as me and need more than the “average” person. Our bodies are fighting HARD, so they’ll use up a LOT of Vitamin C to help them along.

Again, Chris Wark’s post explains this process much better than I can, so I’ll encourage you to read more from him, as well as in the posts linked at the bottom of this page. For now, here’s what I did to get started:

If you're a cancer patient or survivor, your body uses a LOT more Vitamin C than the average person. How much? Check it out here: Click To Tweet

My High Vitamin C Dosing

When I was sick and could NOT kick it, I added 5g (1 tsp in my case) of the Vitamin C powder in a small glass of grape juice and slurped it down with a straw.

(Vitamin C powder – especially ascorbic acid – is SUPER acidic and can harm tooth enamel, so you can use a straw to help bypass the teeth and be sure to rinse out your mouth after taking it. Even better, use a remineralizing mouthwash to rinse your mouth after each dose!)

I felt IMMENSELY better after just one dose!

Then, I waited 2 hours and took another 5g. That first day, I took five doses of 5g each, all 2 hours apart, before I reached bowel tolerance. After 25g, for the first time, I felt like the fog lifted, my chest & sinuses opened up, and I was HUMAN again!

Since that first day, how much I’ve needed to take has steadily decreased – meaning my body is getting healthier! Wahoo!! After several days of taking steadily lower doses, all I needed was a total of 5g spread throughout the day. Not bad!

Oral high-dose Vitamin C is a bit of a trial and error game, but the results make it MORE than worth it!

High-Dose Vitamin C Immune Boost: A ROUSING Success!

I have to tell you one more story about my adventures with this awesome remedy:

Soon after discovering the wonders of Vitamin C, we took Mini-Me up to the church for a Valentine’s Day party. She was around a bunch of new kids, and as per usual, a couple of days later she was coughing, congested, and acting generally miserable. (Why do kids love to share their germs so much?? ?)

Anywho, knowing more nastiness was in my immediate future, I decided to see how the high-dose Vitamin C would work preventatively. As soon as I started the Bug Buster Protocol on Mini-Me and me, I started dosing myself, as well, with the Vitamin C powder/grape juice combo.

You’re not going to believe what happened next…

NOTHING! I had one day where I felt a little bit off, like something was coming, but it never came! WAHOO!!! I don’t think there has EVER been a time when Mini-Me got sick and I didn’t. This stuff is a game changer, people!

Hence, I had to write a post and expound upon its awe-inspiring powers for you!

It's the ONE thing you absolutely MUST add to your Home Health Arsenal. Do YOU know what it is and how to use it to support your family's immune function? Click To Tweet

A New Addition to Our Home Health Arsenal: Vitamin C powder!

I cannot tell you how thankful I am that I ran across this information on oral high-dose Vitamin C. Our Home Health Arsenal will ALWAYS be stocked with it from now on! (I actually already have a new variety of Vitamin C powder on its way, so here’s hoping it tastes better! Will keep you posted. ?)

So, bottom line here, folks: Keep using that Home Health Arsenal and staying on top of any nasties that strike with your Bug Buster Protocol, and MOST DEFINITELY add some high-dose Vitamin C powder to your medicine cabinet! Keep it on hand, and at the first sign of a sniffle or a cough, go dose yourself!

Give it a try and let me know how it goes. I’m willing to bet you won’t ever want to be without it again, either! ?

Maybe your immune system is shot. Maybe it's cold & flu season - and EVERYONE you know is sick as a dog. In addition to a strong Home Health Arsenal, you need ONE more thing: a high-dose vitamin C immune boost!

For More Information on High-Dose Vitamin C

I know I haven’t given you ALL the background and details on high-dose Vitamin C protocols like I typically do. But honestly, I’m not the expert here! I’m still learning and experimenting along with the rest of you – I just wanted to make sure you got this information as soon as humanly possible!

If you want to learn more and make sure high-dose Vitamin C is right for you and your situation, here are some of the articles I found most helpful:

As Always, Talk With a Trusted Health Professional

It’s possible your family doctor or oncologist is aware of the research around and effectiveness of high-dose Vitamin C, but it’s unlikely they’ll be much help in figuring out how to start your own protocol. If you’re lucky enough to have a good naturopath or functional medicine doc on your team, they will probably be your best resource.

As always, do your own research, talk with a doctor you trust and respect for natural remedy guidance, and go from there.

Praying all the best for our health & healing!

Maybe your immune system is shot. Maybe it's cold & flu season - and EVERYONE you know is sick as a dog. In addition to a strong Home Health Arsenal, you need ONE more thing: a high-dose vitamin C immune boost!









As a former University Resident Director, Career Counselor, Certified Personality Trainer, and high school Spanish teacher, Laura has quite the “scattered” background — with one underlying theme: education! She writes to teach and inspire women on topics related to faith, family, and lifework. She is also a resume writer, specializing in resumes for moms, career changers, and new graduates.

4 thoughts on “The ONE Thing Missing in Your Home Health Arsenal

  1. I’m so interested to try this. It seems like a quick fix! May I ask, if done wrong, is there any side effects like instead of boosting your immunity it might do the opposite? As much as i’m interested to try this, i’m kind of hesitating in doing any self medication. Thanks!

    • It does sound too good to be true, doesn’t it?!

      The only downside I’ve found is that if I take too much Vitamin C in a 24-hour period, I may end up with some loose stools or diarrhea. It’s important to listen to your body and when your stools start getting looser than normal or if you feel any bloating or upset tummy issues, call it quits for the day. I only had one day where I needed a true “mega” dose of 20g. Currently, when I start feeling off, I can take two 2.5g doses spread throughout the day, and that’s been plenty for me. Your body will let you know what your ideal high-dose of Vitamin C is!

      Be sure to read through the articles linked in the post — I’m certainly not the expert in high-dose Vitamin C, but I did want to make sure I shared how great this remedy has been for me! ?

      If you want someone live & in person to walk you through it, you can always talk with a naturally-minded doctor near you as you go through the trial & error of figuring out your best dose. I do know how hard it can be to find a naturally-minded doctor, though! ?

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