I believe that every mother has a unique purpose to share with the world both as a mom and as a professional.

Hey, mama! I’m Laura Stufflebam Holth, and I help stay-at-home moms re-enter the working world, so they can support their families financially while pursuing their God-given purpose both as moms and professionals.

Do you dream of being able to say ‘YES!’ to your kids a little more often and create incredible memories for your family without stressing about the budget?

How would it feel to be fully present as a mom and also have meaningful, fulfilling work to contribute to the world?

I’ve been there, mama! It’s a huge reason I started Scattered Woman Pursuing Purpose. I wanted to create financial freedom for my family AND pursue the purpose I know God has called me to live out both as a mom and as a professional.

You see, back in 2016, my husband’s position at work was abruptly cut. Then, a month later, I was diagnosed with Stage 2b Follicular Lymphoma.

Our finances were beyond tight

— they were non-existent!

I knew I needed to start contributing to our family financially again, but there was no way I could work outside the home. Not only was I physically ill and undergoing treatments each month, but with a cancer diagnosis hanging over my head, I didn’t want to spend one minute away from my little girl!

Being a mom is that thing I’ve wanted my entire life — and it took a long time to finally get there! (I was 31 before I had my Mini-Me.) I wasn’t about to leave my baby for 8-9 hours every day to go work at an office job and only see her for an hour or two in the evenings. That was not the life I wanted for either of us!

So, I revamped my resume — employment gap and all! — and landed a contract resume writing job with a large, online company. It paid peanuts, but I gained valuable skills that I eventually used to start my own online business and resume writing service.

Then, I worked with dozens of resume clients who were thrilled with their shiny, new resumes.

But, I started noticing a problem…

Even though my clients had these great, professionally written resumes, they didn’t know how to use them! They didn’t know how to job search effectively, and many of my clients were moms with large employment gaps and a huge lack of confidence that they had what it took to land the job.

These mamas needed MORE than a pretty, new resume. They needed coaching to discover their unique, God-given strengths and purpose, so they could land a job that would provide for their families and still allow them to be the moms they always wanted to be.

Since this epiphany, I’ve transitioned from just writing resumes to offering complete career coaching for stay-at-home moms to help them build their confidence and move back into the working world knowing they have exactly what it takes to be successful.

What Others Say


Laura was incredibly helpful on my journey… She was helpful, available, and went the extra mile to give me the boost I needed! I’m so thankful for her and her expertise, and I highly recommend her to anyone out there. Talk to Laura first!

Amie Winningham 

 /  Mom of 3, music teacher & creator of Sing, Move, & Memorize!


I played the ‘should I go back to work or should I start my own business’ game for FAR TOO LONG… I have always wanted to be a WAHM. But when times get tough, I doubt that decision. Laura helped me to see that it is the right decision for me. Even when times are tough. If you are lost and confused, you need to reach out to Laura!

Shannon Lambert

/ Mom of 6, Content Creator for Coaches

So, why work with ME?

I'm not your average Career Coach. Because of my background and interests, working with me is a very unique experience. Here are just a few examples...

My background is in Career Counseling.

I have a Master of Education degree where I focused on Career Counseling for college students. Ironically, both during grad school and after, I worked with a lot of adult students who had gone back to school after being home with their kids for a while or who were changing careers completely.

These students taught me there is no “can’t.” It’s only “I don’t know how… YET!” You can learn, and I can teach you!

I'm a little obsessed with Personalities.

My mom took it upon herself to teach me about the Personalities when I was in 5th grade. And oh, what an enlightening adventure it has been ever since! I even went on to get certified in both The Personalities and in the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI).

So the FIRST thing we do when we work together is dive deep into your unique Personality to discover exactly who God created you to be!

I've been exactly where you are.

I know exactly what it feels like to need to work, but also to desperately want to be home with my baby.

I believe God created us on purpose, for a purpose. Sometimes that purpose is to be a mom to those littles He has entrusted to our care. (No matter how old they get!) Sometimes it’s to work. And sometimes, it’s BOTH.

This is my Calling

Remember the biblical prophetess Deborah from the Old Testament book of Judges? Listen to how she is described:

Deborah, a prophetess, the wife of Lappidoth, was leading Israel at that time.”

~ Judges 4:4 ~

This woman — this biblical role model —  had THREE, HUGE roles: prophetess, wife, and judge.

She was not only a wife and mother.

She not only served the people of God as a prophetess.

She not only led her people politically as a judge. She did ALL those things!

I want and need to be both a mom AND a career coach.

I’m not called to limit myself to one or the other in this season of my life.

Those days I feel most fulfilled are when Mini-Me and I successfully complete all her homeschool studies before lunch, and then while she does her quiet time and plays in the afternoons, I work on my business.

If either of those pieces is missing in my day, I get snappy, lethargic, and just not pleasant to be around. I know I haven’t lived up to my full potential that day, and I haven’t done what God has called me to do — which is to be both a mother AND a work-at-home professional.

What are YOU called to do, mama?

I firmly believe that if God has put a desire to work in your heart, He has a career out there for you. It’s YOUR job to find it! If you’re ready to dive into the purpose God has for your Mom Career Restart, I can help you do it!

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