Why Mom Careers Matter for Our Kids

Want to raise well-adjusted, productive, God-fearing kids? One of the easiest ways to teach your kids incredibly important life lessons that set them up for that kind of success is simply to work in front of them. Check out these 7 Life Lessons Work-at-Home Moms Teach Their Kids!

Let me ask you a quick question, mama: What is your GREATEST motivation? What is the ONE thing that will inspire you to take action?

What is your GREATEST motivation? What is the ONE thing that will inspire you to take action? Click To Tweet

I know for me, internal motivation is NOT one of my great strengths. If I know someone is counting on me, I’m much more likely to do something than if I say I just want to do it for myself.

I will wait until I completely run out of clean clothes before I do the laundry. But, if I know my husband is out of clean work shirts or my daughter is out of clean underwear, I’ll get that laundry done ASAP!

I’m willing to be that your family is your greatest motivator, as well. Even if you don’t want to accomplish that certain task for yourself, you’ll do it because you know it’s for the good of your family.

So, what if I told you that the one thing you’re probably ignoring right now is one thing that could teach your kids some pretty incredible life lessons?

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The Potential Pitfalls of the 4 WAHM Personalities (and how to avoid them!)

There are 4 distinct WAHM Personalities, each with their own powerful strengths and potential weaknesses. Come learn how to make the most of your top traits & avoid the pitfalls! What is YOUR WAHM Personality?

If you’ve followed Scattered Woman for any length of time, you’ve likely heard me talk quite a bit about The Personalities and how awesome they are for improving relationships. You’ve also probably heard me talk quite a bit about work-at-home mom jobs and other career topics for moms looking to go back to work after being home with their kiddos. So, would it surprise you at all to know that we each have a unique WAHM Personality, too?

Yep! We do!

There are 4 distinct WAHM Personalities, each with their own awesome strengths -- and potential pitfalls. Come learn how to avoid the pitfalls & thrive in your strengths! What is *your* WAHM Personality? Click To Tweet


Do you know if starting a WAHM business is the best choice for YOU?

If there is ANY question in your mind, go take my new QUIZ that will help you decide quickly & easily whether you should go back to an outside-the-house job or start an at-home business! Plus, it’s super FUN because… QUIZ! 🎉

Go check it out!

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled programming…

There are lots of different typing systems out there, but as I explain in this post, I use and teach The Personalities more than anything else because it’s SO easy to understand and use QUICKLY.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have hours and weeks and years to learn a personality typing system well enough to apply it to my relationships, my work, or my life in general. (That’s one of the big issues I run into with the MBTI, among other things, even though I’m certified in and use the MBTI, as well. It’s too complicated to really understand without going and getting certified or studying it intensely.) As a busy wife, mom, friend, and professional career coach, I need something I can access and put to use FAST — and I’m willing to bet you’re right there with me!

That said, if you don’t yet understand the basics of The Personalities, be sure to check out this post, then hop back over to here. I’ll be here when you come back. 🙂

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Do You Struggle with Change?

Do you struggle with change? So often we tend to forget to ask for help with life transitions — even when God is right there waiting to help!

A few months back, we were staying in a modern, updated hotel for a family reunion. Much fancier than we’re used to. It was in the upper 90s outside, but the room felt perfect. BLISS after sweltering outside as we unloaded the car.

I didn’t even THINK to look at the thermostat. Read More


Sing, Move, & Memorize: Helping your little one learn God’s Word for a lifetime

Think your little one is too young to memorize Scripture? Surprise! She’s not! 🎉 Joining us today is my friend, Amie Winningham of Sing, Move, And Memorize to talk about her simple, yet revolutionary board books and coordinating songs that will — you guessed it! — help you sing, move, and memorize God’s Word right into their growing hearts!

“Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you ____?”

I bet you can fill in the blank. I know I can, and so can each of my children under 6. We love reading these sweet board books again and again, and we easily memorize their text.

Now imagine nestling in with your lovely little one on a cool autumn morning. Perhaps a warm blanket snuggles you both close, and a cup of hot cocoa is nearby. This time the book brings goosebumps…it’s magic. You’re not reading Brown Bear, you’re reading God’s very own words.

Your little one pauses, the pictures are captivating. Real children are doing baby sign language to a Bible verse and your darling is trying to figure out how to mimic their movements. You look at the back cover and realize there’s music written to this verse! Not only is it God’s word in movement, it’s God’s Word in song, too.

Help! I can’t read music!

No problem. You can listen to it with just a scan from your phone. In no time, you and your sweetheart are singing God’s word and moving to it, too. In no time, you have memorized God’s Word and held it in your hands.

Magic. Read More


5 Tips for Fighting Discouragement

It’s so easy to become discouraged as moms. Whether we’re facing trouble in our home lives, workplace drama, or everyday annoyances, there IS hope! No matter where your frustrations are coming from, here are 5 tips for fighting discouragement from the beautiful Trista Laborn of A Driven Wife. We’re praying these tips are encouraging for you today — right where you are!

When it comes to being a mom, wife, entrepreneur and everything in between, and in all my years of navigating those roles, discouragement has always raised its head to stop me in my tracks. But, along the way, I’ve learned to recognize the signs of such an attack and keep going.

Let me share with you five tips for fighting discouragement in every area of your life: Read More


Learning to Be Faithful in Little

Do you ever wish you had more money? It’s time we start learning to be faithful in little, so we can eventually be trusted with more. Here’s how!

Have you ever thought about WHY you’re struggling financially?

Honestly, my basic train of thought has always been, “We either make too little or spend too much. Let’s just fix it!”

But, it’s never been that easy. And over the past several months, I’ve been convicted that there’s a spiritual component to our finances, as well, that I previously had not considered. Read More


How to Be a Gracious Gift Recipient — even if you don’t like the gift!

Have you ever received a completely TERRIBLE gift? One that seemed like it MUST have been intended for someone else? How could they POSSIBLY know you and think you would like that gift? How we respond, however, can make a HUGE difference in our relationships. And some of us have to LEARN how to receive gifts graciously! Let’s figure out how…

I mentioned in The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Every Personality that I really struggle with receiving gifts, and how often I have been scolded for my less-than-gracious responses to gifts over the years. So, let me tell you about the Christmas I broke my mother’s heart and what I learned from that horrible day… Read More


How to Beat Holiday Overwhelm (+ Survival Tips for Every Personality!)

Are there parts of the holidays you really wish you could just skip? Does the hustle & bustle of the season leave you exhausted & stressed out? Check out these tips for each Personality on how to beat holiday overwhelm!

Would you believe that, according to the APA, 68% of Americans say they feel fatigued during the holidays? Even if we’re not running low on energy, 61% of us say we’re stressed. And 52% say we feel extra irritable during the “happiest time of the year.” What’s “merry & bright” about feeling overwhelmed & unable to enjoy the season? Let’s talk about the best holiday survival tips for each Personality type & how to beat the odds this season! Read More


5 Massively Important Life Lessons about Conflict & Confrontation

Do you hide from conflict? Does the thought of confrontation make you want to run away and never come back? Once you master these 5 MASSIVELY IMPORTANT life lessons about conflict & confrontation, you’ll never have to hide again — and you’ll be able to teach these lessons to your kids, too!

Confrontation doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, I would argue, confronting issues when they arise is one of the biggest ways we can grow in our relationships!

Let’s think about it in parenting terms: when our kids do something wrong that hurts our feelings – or a friend’s feelings – we correct them. We address the hurts, explain why it didn’t feel good, how to heal the relationship (apologize), and they learn to do better next time.

Why should confronting OUR peers be any different? When we confront in love, with a true desire to understand, it makes a HUGE difference in our communication and in our relationships. Read More


Parenting Like a Naturopath

Have you ever had a verse smack you upside the head? It doesn’t matter how many times I study the book of James, these verses about being quick to listen and slow to anger always hit me right between the eyes. Today, they are confronting some not-so-desirable aspects of my parenting. Read More


The 3 DIY Essential Oil Recipes You Need to Clean Your Home (Yes, ALL of it!)

How many cleaning products do you have under sinks, in cabinets, or stuffed on shelving? Before I discovered there’s another way to clean, I had at least 10-15 different products in my cleaning kit. Each bottle had its singular, specialized use, and while they did all get used (on the rare occasion I did full-on cleaning… ?), I had to wear a gas mask to keep from flaring up my asthma with the fumes.

In Detoxing for Chemo, we talked about the importance of reducing the toxic load on our bodies. So for the next 3 weeks, we’ll be talking about some DIY, nontoxic, essential oil based products to help reduce toxic load! I’m sharing all my secrets here.

So, guess how many cleaning products I use to clean my house NOW?

No, really. GUESS! Read More


An Open Letter to Parents of Soon-to-be College Students, From a Former RD

Dear Parents of Soon-to-be College Students,

You’re about to send your baby off to college. Part of you is cheering — They’re finally out of the house! Another part of you is sobbing uncontrollably — They’re never coming back!! Please be assured that both responses are perfectly natural.

As a former university Resident Director, I’ve seen my fair share of tearful goodbye’s on move-in day. And I’ve talked with a fair number of you on the phone, assuring you that Bessie Mae really is doing just fine. (I’ve talked to many of you, too, when Bessie Mae gets herself in a bit of a pickle, but that’s for another post!) I know you’re all going to be okay.

That said, since you do have such a limited time left with your child, on behalf of all the Resident Directors (RDs) out there, I’d like to ask you a quick favor: Read More


Why You Won’t See Pictures of My Child Online

I just cringed.

A Facebook acquaintance had posted a picture of a whole pile of cash she had found in a junk drawer. Great find! But WHY would you put it on the INTERNET?? Don’t you realize you’re just ASKING to get robbed or mugged?

Maybe I’m too cautious or old-fashioned, but there are just some things that do NOT need to be broadcast for all the world to see. Wads of cash, intimate details of your marriage or sex life, a picture of me when I first wake up in the morning…

Some things the world just doesn’t need to see. With a number of these things, it’s a sanity issue. For others, it’s about privacy. In the case of the huge stack of large denomination bills, it’s a safety concern.

When it comes to displaying my child on the internet, it’s all of the above and more. Read More


Using The Personalities with Kids: Improving the Parent-Child Relationship

Are you struggling to connect with your kids? Here’s how to begin using The Personalities with kids and start improving your parent-child relationships TODAY!

It had been a HORRIBLE day.

Mom pulled our old, maroon Oldsmobile up to the curb, and I flung my 11-year-old self down into the seat, backpack smashing into my lap.

“Bad day?” Mom asked.

“The worst.”

Mom then launched into her best stand-up comedy routine in an effort to coax a smile from her distraught daughter. It was NOT working.

With the hardest glare imaginable, I ground out, “Why do you think EVERYTHING is SO FUNNY??”

The shocked look on her face said it all. Then, as quickly as it appeared, it was gone, replaced by a smirk. “Girlie girl, I think it’s time you learned about The Personalities.” Read More


Using The Personalities & Emotional Needs to Improve Relationships

Struggling to get along with someone? Take a step in the right direction by using The Personalities & Emotional Needs to improve relationships!

Last week, we kicked off our series on The Personalities with a look at why The Personalities are the EASIEST tool for improving relationships. One of those reasons is that The Personalities are DESIGNED to be relationship-focused. The meat and potatoes of this tool is using The Personalities and emotional needs to improve relationships.  Read More


Women, Change Your Language!

Women have long pushed for equality in the workforce. We want equal rights, equal pay, equal promotions, and sometimes we get those things. Most of the time, however, we do not — and for one HUGE reason: most women need to change their language!

The language we use in our resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, thank you notes, and in interviews can make or break our chances of landing the job.The language we use IN our jobs once we land them is CRUCIAL to our ability to move up in our companies, get raises and promotions, and be generally respected by those we work with.

As much progress as we have made toward gender equality in the workplace, the game is still very much played by a man’s rules and in a man’s language. How we, as women, communicate makes a huge difference for how we are perceived as employees, supervisors, and peers. If we want to be respected as equals, we HAVE to change our language.   Read More


The Easiest Tool for Improving Relationships

Relationships are HARD. But The Personalities are the EASIEST tool for improving relationships and helping you navigate your way through them. Here’s how!

Relationships are HARD, right? People who think differently than us drive us crazy. People who think exactly LIKE us drive us crazy. Why do relationships have to be so complicated??

I have good news for you: they don’t!

There is one AWESOME tool you NEED to have in your relational toolbox. Are you ready? It’s called The Personalities! Read More


How to Succeed at Meal Planning – The Easy Way!

Do you struggle to meal plan? Tried a million strategies that only leave you feeling like a failure? Finally, here's how you can SUCCEED at meal planning!

Do you have trouble deciding what to fix for dinner each night? Have you tried a few menu planning strategies and not been able to stick with any of them? Do you feel like a failure when it comes to how to succeed at meal planning?

You’re not alone! I’ve been attempting to meal plan in some way, shape, or fashion since getting married over 5 years ago. After 5 years of failing time after time, I was pretty convinced I just sucked at menu planning. I’d make a plan, but wouldn’t stick to it, and I’d have rotting spinach and tomatoes on my hands. Or I’d forget to make a plan at all and be scrambling to make a grocery list when we finally ran out of milk and eggs. Uuuuggggg…

Enter theme nights!

I cannot for the life of me remember which blogger first introduced me to the idea of thematic meal planning several months ago, but I wish I could shake her hand. This strategy is the ONLY thing that has worked for me so far! I’m finally SUCCEEDING at meal planning! Huzzah! Read More


Prioritizing Your Day as a Work at Home Mom

My goodness… Do you feel like somedays NOTHING gets done?? My to-do list is about two miles long right now, and yet, it feels like I’m spinning my wheels, getting nowhere fast. It’s time to rethink how I define success as a Work at Home Mom. If I define it as accomplishing everything on my to-list, I’ll never feel like a success in this role. So, let’s break it down into a more manageable plan, shall we? Here’s my Big 5 Checklist for prioritizing your day as a Work at Home Mom! Read More


Secret #2 for WAHM Time Management

In this post about my learning to handle time management as a new work-at-home-mom, I talked about utilizing my child’s infectious energy to keep me on task throughout the day. Now that we have the daily routine down pretty well, I’m beginning to realize just how inefficient my “office” set up actually was. So, here’s Secret #2 for WAHM Time Management! Read More