Is your job search getting you nowhere? You’ve sent out a million applications, but no calls? Fix your failing SAHM resume with this ONE addition…

You’ve decided it’s time to go back to work, but you’re getting nowhere. You’ve put in application after application, but not received a single interview invitation.

Believe me, mama: you are NOT alone! Writing a SAHM resume is hard work, especially if you haven’t done a great job of keeping a Mom Master Resume over the years. (But hopefully, you have!)

More than anything, employers want to know one critical piece of information — one crucial aspect of your work history that you may have missed:


Is your job search getting you nowhere? You've sent out a million applications, but no calls? Fix your failing SAHM resume with this ONE addition...

The New Standard in Resume Writing

Gone are the days where a good resume simply needed to outline the jobs you’ve held and duties and responsibilities therein — especially for SAHMs returning to work!

Hiring managers now want to know what you’ve accomplished in your career. It’s one thing to tell an employer you were responsible for overseeing the budget for your department or local organization. It’s an entirely different story to be able to say you saved the company $45K by reducing redundancies and wasteful spending. 

Most people I work with on resumes don’t know how to think in terms of accomplishments on the job. I did what they asked of me. Isn’t that enough? No, not really. It’s a totally new way of thinking for most of us, and we need help to think about our experiences in terms of accomplishment.

Take a Cue from the Execs

The one exception I see is with senior-level executives. Their ability to move up within the company or into a more lucrative position depends on achievement-based reviews. They know they have to initiate changes, improve processes, and make or save money in order to be recognized and rewarded for their efforts. If they stick with the status quo, they will never move forward, which is generally their goal. It’s built into their career-DNA to seek ever greater achievement and accomplishment. 

However, most of us do our jobs to the best of our ability, and tend not to think about how we can improve anything (unless the current processes are making our lives miserable!) We often have the mentality that we’re too far down on the totem pole to make a difference or it’s not our place to make changes.


We Can ALL Add Accomplishments to Our Resumes!

If we see a problem or a way to do things faster or cheaper, we NEED to be stepping up and offering ourselves and our skills for the betterment of the company. Most employers appreciate initiative-takers – even look for it aggressively in their job postings. They don’t want to be the only person in the building desiring the business to succeed and grow. 

Review Your History & Seek to Improve Things Around You

If you’re job-hunting, it’s time to fix that failing SAHM resume! Take a few minutes to think back over your previous positions and the other resume-building activities you’ve done while at home. What did you improve while you were there? What recognition or awards did you receive? Add these items to your resume!

If you’re lucky and have already landed a job and are happy in your current position, still take a minute to reflect and add accomplishments to your resume from your work history thus far. Do it before your memory gets rusty! (None of us are there yet, right? ?)

Then, look for ways to improve processes, work climate or culture, and the company’s bottom line today. As you achieve (or surpass!) goals and enhance the environment around you, add those items to your resume, too. 

Ultimately, the more we seek to better our workplaces and forward the best interest of our employers, the more we will be investing in our own careers. Live today for the achievements a future employer will want to see tomorrow!

Is your job search getting you nowhere? You've sent out a million applications, but no calls? Fix your failing SAHM resume with this ONE addition...