When You Don’t Have Time to Get Sick

Do you keep going, going, going until you crash? Remember: if you don’t have time in your schedule to be sick, make sure you schedule time for self-care!

For weeks, I had been getting sick.

Now, for most people, getting sick is a pretty quick process. But for a Melancholy-Choleric, getting sick doesn’t fit into our schedules, so we just don’t allow our bodies to break down like they’re threatening to do.

I sucked on elderberry lozenges like hard candy, and I took up drinking Echinacea tea (though I typically loathe the taste of “dead leaves in water”) solely for the purpose of staying as well as possible.

You see, I had four major vocal events to get through that December, and I simply didn’t have time to be sick in bed or lose my voice, so I did anything and everything I could think of to not do so.

The week leading up to that last performance – singing two rather out-of-my-range songs for my cousin’s New Year’s Eve wedding – I had been coughing more frequently and feeling more and more tired.

But, I had no time for that nonsense, so I chugged more tea, popped more Echinacea pills, and sucked more elderberry lozenges.

I made it through, but barely. Read More


How to Be a Gracious Gift Recipient — even if you don’t like the gift!

Have you ever received a completely TERRIBLE gift? One that seemed like it MUST have been intended for someone else? How could they POSSIBLY know you and think you would like that gift? How we respond, however, can make a HUGE difference in our relationships. And some of us have to LEARN how to receive gifts graciously! Let’s figure out how…

I mentioned in The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Every Personality that I really struggle with receiving gifts, and how often I have been scolded for my less-than-gracious responses to gifts over the years. So, let me tell you about the Christmas I broke my mother’s heart and what I learned from that horrible day… Read More


Best Holiday Gifts for the Essential Oil Lover in Your Life

Not sure what to get that naturally-minded person on your list? Check out this list of the BEST gifts for Essential Oil Lovers!

Does someone you know absolutely LOVE essential oils? Maybe you would like to get them a gift this season that supports their passion, but you just don’t know where to start. If so, never fear! Just for you, I have rounded up the BEST gifts for Essential Oil Lovers! This list should give you PLENTY of ideas for every price range and experience level. ? Read More


How to Beat Holiday Overwhelm (+ Survival Tips for Every Personality!)

Are there parts of the holidays you really wish you could just skip? Does the hustle & bustle of the season leave you exhausted & stressed out? Check out these tips for each Personality on how to beat holiday overwhelm!

Would you believe that, according to the APA, 68% of Americans say they feel fatigued during the holidays? Even if we’re not running low on energy, 61% of us say we’re stressed. And 52% say we feel extra irritable during the “happiest time of the year.” What’s “merry & bright” about feeling overwhelmed & unable to enjoy the season? Let’s talk about the best holiday survival tips for each Personality type & how to beat the odds this season! Read More


The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Every Personality

Are you stumped on what to get that hard-to-shop-for person on your list? Check out the Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Every Personality!

Can you handle a personal, holiday truth? I REALLY struggle with receiving gifts.

I know! I’m weird! Most people think that CHOOSING a gift is the difficult part, but man… for me, receiving gifts is SO STRESSFUL!

See, a) receiving gifts is WAY not my Love Language, and b) I’m REALLY hard to buy for because I am VERY particular about what I like and need! (I try to be gracious! Really, I do!)

Now, I feel quite certain you have someone in your life who is a lot like me. They’re hard to buy for, they don’t ever seem excited about what you did buy, or their disappointment is written all over their face. They don’t mean to hurt your feelings, but it’s hard to not take it personally.

So, in order to save both you and your intended gift-recipient an incredibly awkward moment this holiday season, here are my best gift-giving tips based on each of the four Personality types: Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy, & Phlegmatic. Read More


The Bug Buster Protocol

Looking for natural remedies for cold & flu this season? This Bug Buster Protocol includes everything you need to support your body for a speedy recovery!

It’s that time of year again! It seems like everyone I know is or has been sick over the past couple of weeks. Once the weather changes, it’s like our immune systems just give up! With all the nastiness going around, I’ve found myself sending out text after text about my “Bug Buster Protocol” — or the natural remedies for cold & flu I use when they attack our house — to boost our immune systems and support our bodies, so they can do the healing work and get us back on our feet quickly. Read More


5 Massively Important Life Lessons about Conflict & Confrontation

Do you hide from conflict? Does the thought of confrontation make you want to run away and never come back? Once you master these 5 MASSIVELY IMPORTANT life lessons about conflict & confrontation, you’ll never have to hide again — and you’ll be able to teach these lessons to your kids, too!

Confrontation doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, I would argue, confronting issues when they arise is one of the biggest ways we can grow in our relationships!

Let’s think about it in parenting terms: when our kids do something wrong that hurts our feelings – or a friend’s feelings – we correct them. We address the hurts, explain why it didn’t feel good, how to heal the relationship (apologize), and they learn to do better next time.

Why should confronting OUR peers be any different? When we confront in love, with a true desire to understand, it makes a HUGE difference in our communication and in our relationships. Read More


Your Mosaic Life

Do your life experiences seem scattered? Has your work history been less than linear? It’s time to discover your Mosaic Life!

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE mosaic tile work. Maybe it’s the Hispanic-culture-loving Spanish teacher in me, or maybe I’m channeling the Sanguine, colorful, pattern-mixing lovelies in my life. Whatever the reason, I LOVE mosaics.

Especially if there’s a story behind them. Read More


3 Spiritual Lessons from My Little Pony

Wait… what?? Did you really just say I could learn “Spiritual Lessons from My Little Pony,” Laura? Have you lost your mind?!

Nope, nope. Actually, I’m quite IN my right mind at the moment, and it feels GREAT!

I had a bit of spiritual awakening this past week. Almost as if God gave me a good Gibbs’ smack upside the head, and I finally realized what He had been trying to tell me for about a year now. ? I can be a little dense, apparently… ?

More on that revelation at a later date. Suffice it to say, I’m finally listening, and God has had PLENTY to say!

For now, on to My Little Pony!

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Why Every Mom Needs a Master Resume (+ 2 FREEBIES to help you make your own!)

Have you ever heard of a “master resume”? Think of it like a master playlist, or a master recording. It’s EVERYTHING, every bit of raw, employment-related information you have, all compiled in one place. And you, dear mama, NEED one!

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Top 5 Recipes for Daily Immune System Support

Nearly every day, our immune systems are under attack. Here are my top 5 essential oil recipes for daily immune system support!

As I’ve discussed in previous posts, my immune system is shot. Between a poorly functioning gut and then chemo on top of it, my body’s natural defenses are extremely limited. So, when “the nasties” are floating around, I’m doing everything I can to provide myself with daily immune system support — and keep the rest of my family healthy, too!

With school getting back in session and the holidays just around the corner (can you even believe that?!), many of you are looking for ways to support your immune systems, as well. So, here are my top 5 daily immune system support recipes to get you stocked up and ready for whatever nasties may threaten you and yours. Read More


Love & Logic Tips for Preschoolers

As a high school teacher, I LOVED Love & Logic. Even with my college students, Love & Logic often saved the day. Now, with a 4-year-old pushing every boundary imaginable, Love & Logic is once again coming to my rescue. If you’re struggling with discipline, check out my FAVORITE Love & Logic tips for preschoolers! Read More


Parenting Like a Naturopath

Have you ever had a verse smack you upside the head? It doesn’t matter how many times I study the book of James, these verses about being quick to listen and slow to anger always hit me right between the eyes. Today, they are confronting some not-so-desirable aspects of my parenting. Read More


Build Your Home Health Arsenal (+ FREE printable EO recipe cards!)

Are you tired of being told you “just have a bug and there’s nothing you can do but let it run its course”? I AM!! While modern medicine has very little recourse when it comes to the nasties that float around every year, there IS something we can do to help! And it all starts with building your own Home Health Arsenal — a stash of ready-to-use roller bottles, spray bottles, and dropper bottles filled with the essential oil mixes you will love and trust to support your family’s health and wellness.

For the past 3 years, I’ve kept these 5 blends ready to go at all times to support my family’s health, and I could KICK myself for not learning about how to effectively use essential oils sooner! Here are my favorite EO recipes for building your own Home Health Arsenal! Read More


Can’t Leave Home without Bedlam Ensuing?

Have you ever felt like you just can’t leave home for any length of time without bedlam ensuing? Nothing irritates me more than people ignoring the rules just because I’m not there to enforce them for a while. Maybe that’s why Nehemiah 13 bothers me so much – it sounds like my life! Read More


WAHM Freelancing: Is THIS gig your best fit?

The bills are piling up. Your stress levels are sky high. And your kids are screaming because they don’t WANT beans for dinner… AGAIN. Sound familiar? You need a cash infusion, and you need it QUICK. I have good news for you: starting a WAHM freelancing business can quickly provide that fast income boost you need, while still allowing you to be home with your family. Read More


Network Marketing as a WAHM: Is It for You?

Network marketing is nothing new for most of us. Our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest feeds are JAMMED with friends proclaiming the awesomeness of their direct sales companies’ products and opportunities. From Mary Kay to Thirty-One, doTERRA to Younique, and BeachBody to LuLaRoe — WAHM network marketing companies are inundating our worlds right now.

For good reason. Read More


Should You Try Working From Home?

It’s a fact of life: most of us Stay-at-Home Moms, at some point, will either want or need to go back to work. While we love being available for our babies, life can throw us nasty curve balls — unexpected medical bills, massive car repairs, a blown furnace or damaged septic system, or just plain old boredom. When it comes time to return to work, what are your options? Should you give up the ghost and find an office job? Or would working from home be a good choice for you? Read More


Top 5 Essential Oil Blends for your Home Health Arsenal (+ the Herb & Essential Oil Super Bundle!)

Are you tired of being told you “just have a bug and there’s nothing you can do but let it run its course”? I AM!! While modern medicine has very little recourse when it comes to the nasties that float around every year, those of us with a Home Health Arsenal full of immune-boosting and system-supporting essential oil blends know we can support our bodies WELL in the waiting.

You can learn to fight well, too!

The past two weeks, we’ve talked about how to reduce our toxic load by DIYing our own cleaning supplies (the only 3 you need to clean your ENTIRE house!) and making our own body products with essential oils. Now, we turn our toxin-slashing, essential-oil-loving attention to our home health remedies! Read More


Top 10 DIY Essential Oil Recipes for the Body

If you’re serious about reducing toxic load, take a look at your favorite body products. Then, try my Top 10 DIY essential oil body care recipes!

Welcome back to our Essential Oil series! Last week, we talked about how I only use 3 DIY, nontoxic products to clean our whole house. It’s so much better than that chemical-laden kit I USED to lug around the house with me! Today, however, we’re switching gears to talk about my top 10 DIY Essential Oil Body Care Recipes! Read More