Why Mom Careers Matter for Our Kids

Want to raise well-adjusted, productive, God-fearing kids? One of the easiest ways to teach your kids incredibly important life lessons that set them up for that kind of success is simply to work in front of them. Check out these 7 Life Lessons Work-at-Home Moms Teach Their Kids!

Let me ask you a quick question, mama: What is your GREATEST motivation? What is the ONE thing that will inspire you to take action?

What is your GREATEST motivation? What is the ONE thing that will inspire you to take action? Click To Tweet

I know for me, internal motivation is NOT one of my great strengths. If I know someone is counting on me, I’m much more likely to do something than if I say I just want to do it for myself.

I will wait until I completely run out of clean clothes before I do the laundry. But, if I know my husband is out of clean work shirts or my daughter is out of clean underwear, I’ll get that laundry done ASAP!

I’m willing to be that your family is your greatest motivator, as well. Even if you don’t want to accomplish that certain task for yourself, you’ll do it because you know it’s for the good of your family.

So, what if I told you that the one thing you’re probably ignoring right now is one thing that could teach your kids some pretty incredible life lessons?

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Sing, Move, & Memorize: Helping your little one learn God’s Word for a lifetime

Think your little one is too young to memorize Scripture? Surprise! She’s not! 🎉 Joining us today is my friend, Amie Winningham of Sing, Move, And Memorize to talk about her simple, yet revolutionary board books and coordinating songs that will — you guessed it! — help you sing, move, and memorize God’s Word right into their growing hearts!

“Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you ____?”

I bet you can fill in the blank. I know I can, and so can each of my children under 6. We love reading these sweet board books again and again, and we easily memorize their text.

Now imagine nestling in with your lovely little one on a cool autumn morning. Perhaps a warm blanket snuggles you both close, and a cup of hot cocoa is nearby. This time the book brings goosebumps…it’s magic. You’re not reading Brown Bear, you’re reading God’s very own words.

Your little one pauses, the pictures are captivating. Real children are doing baby sign language to a Bible verse and your darling is trying to figure out how to mimic their movements. You look at the back cover and realize there’s music written to this verse! Not only is it God’s word in movement, it’s God’s Word in song, too.

Help! I can’t read music!

No problem. You can listen to it with just a scan from your phone. In no time, you and your sweetheart are singing God’s word and moving to it, too. In no time, you have memorized God’s Word and held it in your hands.

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Three Truths to Remember When You Fail as a Mom

Have you ever BLOWN it with your kids? We all have. #MomFail is a thing for a reason! But, as Stacey Pardoe of shows us in this week’s guest post, there are three powerful truths to remember when you completely fail as a mom. All is NOT lost. Let’s dive in!

It’s quarter ‘til nine on a Wednesday night when I unfurl on the girl I love more than any other girl in the world. After picking up the same fifteen toys a dozen times throughout the day, after the dinner dishes are washed, the little bodies are clad in pajamas, and the little brother is asleep in his bed, I want nothing more than five quiet minutes on the couch before taking my girl to her room.

I stare at the TV and let my mind slip into a different world – some happy family’s world as they live their sitcom-lives. Suddenly, I’m interrupted by the realization that one final toy hasn’t been put away. It rests on the floor in the middle of the room. Did I not just clean this whole room five minutes ago?

“Sweetie, please put away your drawing board,” I politely advise my daughter, who sits across the room on the recliner.

She promptly rises from the recliner, walks to the drawing board, and instead of slipping it into its home between the couch and the end table, she tosses it onto my lap. Read More


3 Spiritual Lessons from Meet the Robinsons

It’s not just a kid’s movie! There are actually 3 HUGE spiritual lessons from Meet the Robinsons that are great for adults and children alike. ❤️

Special thanks to Jessica Meades for today’s guest post!

Meet the Robinsons is a cute Disney film that came out several years ago. I had seen it before, but it was only recently that I watched it again with fresh eyes. I’ll try not to give too much away for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, but no promises. (If you’d like to watch it first and then come back to this post, it’s currently available on Netflix!)

My friend Laura has written about spiritual lessons that we can learn from cartoons with our children, specifically My Little Pony (and MORE My Little Pony!), which is her favorite, and that got me thinking: Read More


Why Little Kids Belong in Big Church

In an age of prolific children’s ministries and a focus on age-appropriate church activities, there are still very valid arguments for why it’s a great idea to include Little Kids in Big Church. Here are a few…

Several months ago, one of the high schoolers from our church got baptized during our Sunday morning service. My 4-year-old Mini-Me sat there wide-eyed, watching everything with her signature mix of curiosity and awe.

“What are they doing, Momma?” she whispered.

“That young man decided he wants to follow Jesus, so he’s getting baptized to let everyone know about it.”


We whispered back and forth as I explained what was happening and why everyone was so excited. By the time the young man came up out of the water, Mini-Me was clapping and shouting right along with the rest of the congregation!

This is why we keep her in Big Church, Lord, I prayed, smiling to myself. So she can learn about how people come to You, to learn how to be part of Your Church. Read More


3 More Spiritual Lessons from My Little Pony

Have you ever discovered hidden spiritual parallels in your child’s favorite cartoons? If you’re looking for a great way to help your kids find God in everyday life, be sure to check out these 3 Spiritual Lessons from My Little Pony!

We talked a while back about the 3 Spiritual Lessons I learned from watching My Little Pony with my daughter. And today, we’ve got 3 MORE Spiritual Lessons from My Little Pony for you!

It’s always amazing how God decides to show up and teach us through modern-day entertainment.  What I’ve been thinking about a lot lately has to do with the concept of the “cutie mark” in My Little Pony — and all 3 of today’s lessons come from this one foundational aspect of the show.

The basic idea of a cutie mark is that it’s a cute, little symbol on a pony’s flank that represents her special talent, what she is meant to do with her life. Ponies are born with “blank flanks” (no cutie mark) and have to figure out what they’re good at before it will appear.

Getting a cutie mark is a BIG deal for the ponies!

In my mind, earning a cutie mark is similar to our discovering our purpose or our calling in life, unearthing hidden talents and gifts meant to be shared with the world. And when we think about cutie marks in that light, they have MUCH to teach us about our own gifts and the God who gives them to us. Read More


5 Massively Important Life Lessons about Conflict & Confrontation

Do you hide from conflict? Does the thought of confrontation make you want to run away and never come back? Once you master these 5 MASSIVELY IMPORTANT life lessons about conflict & confrontation, you’ll never have to hide again — and you’ll be able to teach these lessons to your kids, too!

Confrontation doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, I would argue, confronting issues when they arise is one of the biggest ways we can grow in our relationships!

Let’s think about it in parenting terms: when our kids do something wrong that hurts our feelings – or a friend’s feelings – we correct them. We address the hurts, explain why it didn’t feel good, how to heal the relationship (apologize), and they learn to do better next time.

Why should confronting OUR peers be any different? When we confront in love, with a true desire to understand, it makes a HUGE difference in our communication and in our relationships. Read More


3 Spiritual Lessons from My Little Pony

Wait… what?? Did you really just say I could learn “Spiritual Lessons from My Little Pony,” Laura? Have you lost your mind?!

Nope, nope. Actually, I’m quite IN my right mind at the moment, and it feels GREAT!

I had a bit of spiritual awakening this past week. Almost as if God gave me a good Gibbs’ smack upside the head, and I finally realized what He had been trying to tell me for about a year now. ? I can be a little dense, apparently… ?

More on that revelation at a later date. Suffice it to say, I’m finally listening, and God has had PLENTY to say!

For now, on to My Little Pony!

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Love & Logic Tips for Preschoolers

As a high school teacher, I LOVED Love & Logic. Even with my college students, Love & Logic often saved the day. Now, with a 4-year-old pushing every boundary imaginable, Love & Logic is once again coming to my rescue. If you’re struggling with discipline, check out my FAVORITE Love & Logic tips for preschoolers! Read More


Parenting Like a Naturopath

Have you ever had a verse smack you upside the head? It doesn’t matter how many times I study the book of James, these verses about being quick to listen and slow to anger always hit me right between the eyes. Today, they are confronting some not-so-desirable aspects of my parenting. Read More


Can’t Leave Home without Bedlam Ensuing?

Have you ever felt like you just can’t leave home for any length of time without bedlam ensuing? Nothing irritates me more than people ignoring the rules just because I’m not there to enforce them for a while. Maybe that’s why Nehemiah 13 bothers me so much – it sounds like my life! Read More


Should You Try Working From Home?

It’s a fact of life: most of us Stay-at-Home Moms, at some point, will either want or need to go back to work. While we love being available for our babies, life can throw us nasty curve balls — unexpected medical bills, massive car repairs, a blown furnace or damaged septic system, or just plain old boredom. When it comes time to return to work, what are your options? Should you give up the ghost and find an office job? Or would working from home be a good choice for you? Read More


An Open Letter to Parents of Soon-to-be College Students, From a Former RD

Dear Parents of Soon-to-be College Students,

You’re about to send your baby off to college. Part of you is cheering — They’re finally out of the house! Another part of you is sobbing uncontrollably — They’re never coming back!! Please be assured that both responses are perfectly natural.

As a former university Resident Director, I’ve seen my fair share of tearful goodbye’s on move-in day. And I’ve talked with a fair number of you on the phone, assuring you that Bessie Mae really is doing just fine. (I’ve talked to many of you, too, when Bessie Mae gets herself in a bit of a pickle, but that’s for another post!) I know you’re all going to be okay.

That said, since you do have such a limited time left with your child, on behalf of all the Resident Directors (RDs) out there, I’d like to ask you a quick favor: Read More


Why You Won’t See Pictures of My Child Online

I just cringed.

A Facebook acquaintance had posted a picture of a whole pile of cash she had found in a junk drawer. Great find! But WHY would you put it on the INTERNET?? Don’t you realize you’re just ASKING to get robbed or mugged?

Maybe I’m too cautious or old-fashioned, but there are just some things that do NOT need to be broadcast for all the world to see. Wads of cash, intimate details of your marriage or sex life, a picture of me when I first wake up in the morning…

Some things the world just doesn’t need to see. With a number of these things, it’s a sanity issue. For others, it’s about privacy. In the case of the huge stack of large denomination bills, it’s a safety concern.

When it comes to displaying my child on the internet, it’s all of the above and more. Read More


Using The Personalities with Kids: Improving the Parent-Child Relationship

Are you struggling to connect with your kids? Here’s how to begin using The Personalities with kids and start improving your parent-child relationships TODAY!

It had been a HORRIBLE day.

Mom pulled our old, maroon Oldsmobile up to the curb, and I flung my 11-year-old self down into the seat, backpack smashing into my lap.

“Bad day?” Mom asked.

“The worst.”

Mom then launched into her best stand-up comedy routine in an effort to coax a smile from her distraught daughter. It was NOT working.

With the hardest glare imaginable, I ground out, “Why do you think EVERYTHING is SO FUNNY??”

The shocked look on her face said it all. Then, as quickly as it appeared, it was gone, replaced by a smirk. “Girlie girl, I think it’s time you learned about The Personalities.” Read More


The Easiest Tool for Improving Relationships

Relationships are HARD. But The Personalities are the EASIEST tool for improving relationships and helping you navigate your way through them. Here’s how!

Relationships are HARD, right? People who think differently than us drive us crazy. People who think exactly LIKE us drive us crazy. Why do relationships have to be so complicated??

I have good news for you: they don’t!

There is one AWESOME tool you NEED to have in your relational toolbox. Are you ready? It’s called The Personalities! Read More


How to Succeed at Meal Planning – The Easy Way!

Do you struggle to meal plan? Tried a million strategies that only leave you feeling like a failure? Finally, here's how you can SUCCEED at meal planning!

Do you have trouble deciding what to fix for dinner each night? Have you tried a few menu planning strategies and not been able to stick with any of them? Do you feel like a failure when it comes to how to succeed at meal planning?

You’re not alone! I’ve been attempting to meal plan in some way, shape, or fashion since getting married over 5 years ago. After 5 years of failing time after time, I was pretty convinced I just sucked at menu planning. I’d make a plan, but wouldn’t stick to it, and I’d have rotting spinach and tomatoes on my hands. Or I’d forget to make a plan at all and be scrambling to make a grocery list when we finally ran out of milk and eggs. Uuuuggggg…

Enter theme nights!

I cannot for the life of me remember which blogger first introduced me to the idea of thematic meal planning several months ago, but I wish I could shake her hand. This strategy is the ONLY thing that has worked for me so far! I’m finally SUCCEEDING at meal planning! Huzzah! Read More


Prioritizing Your Day as a Work at Home Mom

My goodness… Do you feel like somedays NOTHING gets done?? My to-do list is about two miles long right now, and yet, it feels like I’m spinning my wheels, getting nowhere fast. It’s time to rethink how I define success as a Work at Home Mom. If I define it as accomplishing everything on my to-list, I’ll never feel like a success in this role. So, let’s break it down into a more manageable plan, shall we? Here’s my Big 5 Checklist for prioritizing your day as a Work at Home Mom! Read More


Secret #2 for WAHM Time Management

In this post about my learning to handle time management as a new work-at-home-mom, I talked about utilizing my child’s infectious energy to keep me on task throughout the day. Now that we have the daily routine down pretty well, I’m beginning to realize just how inefficient my “office” set up actually was. So, here’s Secret #2 for WAHM Time Management! Read More


My Secret for WAHM Time Management

Time management is hard. WAHM time management is ridiculously hard! Thankfully, I have discovered one secret to keep me on track lately. Can you guess what it is?

I have struggled with the time management concept my entire life, and the struggle only got worse once I became a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom, for those new to this particular brand of alphabet soup). My baby, C, was 10 months old when we moved out of the 24/7 “Dorm Mama” life to start building my husband’s career and let me focus on taking care of our family. That first year, I’m pretty sure I watched every G- and PG-rated movie and series available on Hulu and spent most every day in my pajamas, letting C play on the floor around my feet and toddle around our small duplex.

Not exactly the best use of my time. But, it seemed like anytime I tried to do anything more productive, like get on my computer for any reason, C was automatically in my face wanting me to play with her or wanting me to let her play with all the fun buttons, too. Sigh… Read More