How to Help a Loved One Who Is Battling Cancer

They are in for the fight of their life, and you want to help, but HOW?? Here are 20+ ways to help a loved one battling cancer.

“The good news is Leah is 10 weeks pregnant. The bad news is she also has stage 3 breast cancer.”

At that moment, it felt like all the air had been sucked out of the room. The phone in my hand threatened to slide out and crash to the floor, so I gripped it even harder than necessary. Even though my mind started racing in a million different directions, and all that came out of my mouth was, “Ryan, no…”

Eventually, we ended the call, and my family went back to the business of making pizza for our weekly pizza & a movie night, but I couldn’t focus on anything but my sister-in-law’s situation.

Pregnant AND cancer. Flashing back, I remembered so clearly making my own “it’s cancer” calls. Good grief, I thought, it feels just as helpless on THIS side of the diagnosis… Read More


5 Natural PMS Cramp Remedies Every Woman Should Know

For many of us, the cramps that accompany our periods are the worst part of being a woman. But you don’t have to be miserable each month! Please welcome Angela Johnson from Health As You Can as she shares with us her top 5 natural PMS cramp remedies EVERY woman should know. (These are great remedies to add to your Home Health Arsenal, too!)

90% of women suffer from them. If you’re reading this article, I’m assuming you are one of them. PMS symptoms can range from moodiness to breast tenderness to bloating. However, for me and many women, the most severe PMS symptom?


I can always tell when they are about to come. They start off slow, warning me that they are on their way. Then they come in full force like the waves of a tsunami, one after another, until my pain reliever kicks in and calms the storm. At one point, I was taking 15 or more 200 mg ibuprofen tablets a day. I’m not proud of it but I had to do it just to function.

However, reading about the effects of NSAIDs on your liver, scared me, so I started looking into alternatives. Read More


13+ Tips & Tricks for Improving Your Family’s Gut Health

Following a gut-healing diet is ESSENTIAL for healing all those random health issues our families face, but it can be difficult to get started. One mama is sharing ALL her tips & tricks for improving your family’s gut health!

You’ve broken out in hives – inexplicably.

Your husband has gained an extra spare tire in the last year, but he’s still as active as ever.

Your son has battled eczema since the day he was born – and nothing you’ve tried has helped.

Your baby girl is constantly saying her stomach hurts – and you have no idea why.

Do any of these scenarios sound like your family? If so, it’s time to do a checkup on your family’s gut health!

Skin issues, bloating, weight gain, digestive upset – and even seemingly unrelated health issues like asthma or allergies – can all be linked to poor gut health. So, if your family is struggling in any of those areas – and there are plenty more, including many aspects of our mental health! – today’s interview is for YOU! Read More


Finding a Way Out of Anxiety & Depression: A Marriage & Family Therapist’s Advice for Busy Moms

You know what you’re struggling with is more than just the “Wintertime Blahs,” so now what? Check out these tips for Finding a Way Out of Anxiety & Depression!

I know I’m not the only one who has felt in the grip of anxiety & depression this year. It seems like the more moms I talk with, the more women I find who are struggling with more than just the “Wintertime Blahs.” While we don’t always like to talk about it, we moms NEED to come up with a strong game plan for supporting our mental health.

Last month, I had the pleasure of doing a 2-part, Facebook LIVE interview with Karisa Kaye, a Marriage & Family Therapist from I Love Us Relationship & Intimacy Counseling. If you didn’t have a chance to catch these interviews live, be sure to watch the replays below. TONS of valuable tips & info for all of us! Read More


The #1 Mistake Cancer Patients Make (& doctors encourage!)

It is the #1 mistake cancer patients make during treatment — and it’s encouraged by their doctors! Let’s talk about how to avoid it and what to do instead…

One year.

In just a few days, it will have been one whole year since I finished my last chemo treatment for Follicular Lymphoma.

(If you don’t already know my story, you can read more about my cancer journey and how it all started in this post.)

I know I should be more excited, but it’s hard to feel like celebrating this first anniversary of finishing chemo when I still feel so crumby. Granted, I’ve been sick in some form or fashion most of my life, so it’s not anything entirely new, but having ZERO immune system — as opposed to just my previously LOW functioning immune system — means I’ve spent most of this past year sick on the couch with zero energy to do anything more than write.

I try not to write about how cruddy I feel most of the time because it’s just a downer. Really, who really wants to read that?

But today, it feels incredibly important to give just one fact and one quick piece of advice to other cancer patients and their caregivers on the biggest mistake we cancer patients make — and the most important thing you can do to help the situation. Read More


When You Don’t Have Time to Get Sick

Do you keep going, going, going until you crash? Remember: if you don’t have time in your schedule to be sick, make sure you schedule time for self-care!

For weeks, I had been getting sick.

Now, for most people, getting sick is a pretty quick process. But for a Melancholy-Choleric, getting sick doesn’t fit into our schedules, so we just don’t allow our bodies to break down like they’re threatening to do.

I sucked on elderberry lozenges like hard candy, and I took up drinking Echinacea tea (though I typically loathe the taste of “dead leaves in water”) solely for the purpose of staying as well as possible.

You see, I had four major vocal events to get through that December, and I simply didn’t have time to be sick in bed or lose my voice, so I did anything and everything I could think of to not do so.

The week leading up to that last performance – singing two rather out-of-my-range songs for my cousin’s New Year’s Eve wedding – I had been coughing more frequently and feeling more and more tired.

But, I had no time for that nonsense, so I chugged more tea, popped more Echinacea pills, and sucked more elderberry lozenges.

I made it through, but barely. Read More


The Bug Buster Protocol

Looking for natural remedies for cold & flu this season? This Bug Buster Protocol includes everything you need to support your body for a speedy recovery!

It’s that time of year again! It seems like everyone I know is or has been sick over the past couple of weeks. Once the weather changes, it’s like our immune systems just give up! With all the nastiness going around, I’ve found myself sending out text after text about my “Bug Buster Protocol” — or the natural remedies for cold & flu I use when they attack our house — to boost our immune systems and support our bodies, so they can do the healing work and get us back on our feet quickly. Read More


3 Baby Steps to a Healthier Family

A while back, I read an interesting post on Your Vibrant Family about 3 Simple Steps to Improve Your Family’s Health, and it got me thinking. Alicia Michelle (the awesome woman behind Your Vibrant Family) brought up some important tweaks to use to boost our families’ health, but for where I am in my health journey, I needed something a little deeper. Read More


What No One Tells You About Ending Chemo

I woke up that morning and couldn’t move.

Every joint in my body was stiff, tender to the touch, incredibly swollen, and so, SO painful. What was wrong with me??

I had ended chemo treatments over a month before. You’d think I would be on the upward swing health-wise, right? Read More


Nourishing Your Body During & After Chemo

You’ve detoxed, now it’s time for NOURISHING your body during & after chemo. Use these tips to start your healing journey!

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post that told you a bit about my cancer journey and how I learned to detox from chemo. I also promised in that post that there would be a follow-up soon to talk more about the third piece of the “thriving with cancer” puzzle: nutrition and NOURISHING the body to build it back up with GOOD things after we removed the bad. This is that post! Read More


How to Succeed at Meal Planning – The Easy Way!

Do you struggle to meal plan? Tried a million strategies that only leave you feeling like a failure? Finally, here's how you can SUCCEED at meal planning!

Do you have trouble deciding what to fix for dinner each night? Have you tried a few menu planning strategies and not been able to stick with any of them? Do you feel like a failure when it comes to how to succeed at meal planning?

You’re not alone! I’ve been attempting to meal plan in some way, shape, or fashion since getting married over 5 years ago. After 5 years of failing time after time, I was pretty convinced I just sucked at menu planning. I’d make a plan, but wouldn’t stick to it, and I’d have rotting spinach and tomatoes on my hands. Or I’d forget to make a plan at all and be scrambling to make a grocery list when we finally ran out of milk and eggs. Uuuuggggg…

Enter theme nights!

I cannot for the life of me remember which blogger first introduced me to the idea of thematic meal planning several months ago, but I wish I could shake her hand. This strategy is the ONLY thing that has worked for me so far! I’m finally SUCCEEDING at meal planning! Huzzah! Read More