How NOT to Use Your MBTI Type

Have you seen those posts floating around about “Discover your dream career with your MBTI type!”?

I’ve seen LOTS of them over the years, and now that I’ve just spent the whole last month writing about The Personalities (click HERE to check out post #1 in that series), I’m seeing even more MBTI posts popping up on my social media and Pinterest feeds, too.

Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the MBTI. As a Career Counselor, I LOVED walking individual students or entire classes through their inventories and helping them discover what those results meant for them. It’s a great tool.

In the right context.

I’ll explain more about that “right context” in a minute. First, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page about what MBTI types are. Here is a quick run-through of what the eight MBTI function (letter) dichotomies mean: Read More

As a former University Resident Director, Career Counselor, Certified Personality Trainer, and high school Spanish teacher, Laura has quite the “scattered” background — with one underlying theme: education! She writes to teach and inspire women on topics related to faith, family, and lifework. She is also a resume writer, specializing in resumes for moms, career changers, and new graduates.