Laura Stufflebam Holth Resume WriterAre you currently on the job hunt?

Is a loved one stuck in a job they hate and ready to move on?

Are you a Stay At Home Mom looking to transition back into the working world?

I can help! With six years of experience in higher education, three years as a Career Counselor, and now as a professional Resume Writer, I have the know-how to revamp your resume and make you look like the catch of the century to prospective employers!

A professionally crafted resume gets more interviews every time. That fact means you spend less time wondering if anyone is ever going to call, second-guessing yourself, and worrying about all the “what ifs” that come with looking for a new job. You CAN have confidence in your job search – I can help!

Writing a resume is a skill not everyone has, and it takes time to learn it — time many job seekers simply don’t have because they need to find a job PRONTO. The job hunt is a CRAZY time, and with everything else you have going on, take one thing off your plate right now: let me write your resume. Shoot me a message either on Facebook or with the form below, and let me help you land a job you will love without the stress of preparing a resume yourself.

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