Resources Scattered Woman LOVES!

It’s true. I’m a bit of a bookworm. Whenever a new, interesting topic strikes my fancy, my first instinct is to read everything I can about it. And then I write about it and share everything I’ve learned with YOU! ?

Ever wonder what other books and resources I love? Did you see a recommendation on a certain post ages ago, and now you can’t remember what it was? This page is for YOU!

If I ever recommend a product or service on the blog, my goal is for that link to land here on the resources page for easy future reference. Should you find a resource I missed — or if you find one you think I’ll love! — please comment below and let me know!

This page contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service through these links, I may receive a small commission, which helps to keep my family and this blog afloat. Thank you for your support!

Resources Scattered Woman LOVES to Share!

The Personalities

Wired That Way — The complete guide to all things Personalities! New anecdotes, charts, and an ultra-organized approach to presenting The Personalities and how to use them in all of your relationships.

The Wired Way Companion Workbook — A great addition to your study of The Personalities. It will walk you through the book, help you determine your own unique Personality blend, and how to apply The Personalities principles to your relationships.

The Wired That Way Profile — If you just want to take an inventory and have it TELL you what your Personality types are, this profile is for you. It has all the definitions, explanation, charts, and other information you need to understand the basics about The Personalities.

Personality Plus — The original Personalities book, revised and expanded. Lots of great stories and illustrations to explain the concepts.

Career Development

Hardball for Women — Dr. Pat Heim is a genius when it comes to gender communication (also helpful in marriage!), particularly in the workplace. As women, we need to really change how we communicate with male employees, supervisors, and coworkers in order to be seen as the professionals we want to be. This book walks us through it!

Personality Plus at Work — Florence Littauer tackles office drama and shows you how to get along with just about anybody!

Health & Wellness

doTERRA Essential Oils — I use and recommend doTERRA Essential Oils for their potency and purity. Derived from their native sources with sustainable practices, doTERRA EOs have all the compounds God created them to have — and nothing He didn’t! As a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, I would love to have you buy products through my store or join my team if Essential Oils make sense for your family. Absolutely no pressure. Just an FYI. ?

Gut Health Super Bundle — This awesome library of gut-healing information and recipes is now an EVERGREEN bundle available through March 31, 2018! If you missed out on the big sale in March, you can still snag a copy for only $47. Or pay over $600 for all these incredible resources separately. You know, whichever best fits your budget. ?

Herb & Essential Oil Super Bundle — Another FANTASTIC bundle of high-quality resources from Ultimate Bundles, this limited availability bundle teaches you everything you ever wanted to know about safe, effective Essential Oil usage, as well as how to grow, preserve, and use herbs for additional beauty and wellness products. It’s available until May 31, 2018, for $47 — WAY better than the over $800 everything is worth at retail!


Parenting with Love & Logic — If you’re struggling with discipline, you need this book! Natural consequences, EASY rules, and no power struggles!

Parenting Teens with Love & Logic — All the greatness of the original, but focusing on natural consequences for teenagers in particular.

Personality Plus for Parents — All the greatness of the original book, but targeted for use with your kids! Understand yourself AND your kids to improve your relationships!

Marriage — Sheila Wray Gregoire is the very first marriage “authority” I found after getting married. She is real, direct, and SUPER helpful if you’re struggling in your marriage, especially in the bedroom!

Personality Plus for Couples — Take the Personalities and focus them in on you and your spouse. Lots of great tips for using this tool to improve your marriage.

The Five Love Languages — I had read this book as a single woman, then made my husband read it within our first month of marriage. SO helpful in improving our communication and loving each other in the ways we understand best.

The Five Languages of Apology — We all have conflict, and we ALL have to apologize to our spouse at some point. This book — in the spirit of The Five Love Languages — taught Erik and me how to apologize in ways the other person would actually ACCEPT as a valid apology. Amazing!!

**Please note, most of the books I’ve listed are available in both hardback and paperback. I’ve tried to link to the paperback versions if there is an option, because I know how tight money can get. But, if you prefer hardback books, feel free to click over to that version!**